entrance area to the Ahlan Lounge Review - Dubai (DXB)
مرحبا بکم

Welcome to Dubai aiport’s secret little speakeasy. The lounge is a real delight, and it should be packed fully, by rights. Thanks to the difficulties involved in even finding it and getting inside, it still feels very spacious and accessible. It’s pleasant enough to be well worth scheduling an extra hour to have a solid meal and a good drink before you get onto your economy flight. This islounge gets you well above the fray, bother literally and figuratively. But you’re not going to find it, or learn the secret knock to get in, without reading our Ahlan Lounge Review – Dubai (DXB) first. Ahlan wa sahlan, ya habibi al-musafir!

Our Trip – Ahlan Lounge Review – Dubai (DXB)

our flight to the Ahlan Lounge Review - Dubai (DXB)
Where to find your sharks.

The road to Tanzania is packed these days. With so few warm countries open to travelers without quarantines or health checks, all of Europe has suddenly decided that they want to head to Tanzania. And we can’t judge them…we were on the flight as well.

The Facts – Ahlan Lounge Review – Dubai (DXB)

The key to getting into the Ahlan Lounge in Dubai is to use card access. We did that by swiping our Priority Pass, but the lounge does take other cards as well. YMMV. Cash may be an option, but it will not necessarily be worth it, unless you plan to eat 4 meals in four hours.

But how do I get there you ask. Good question. Make a beeline for the terminal three Mcdonalds in concourse B. This is more or less near gate B26. Once you’re there, in front of it you’ll see an unmarked elevator. Get in it. This will go up one floor, and you’ll be shuttled straight to the lounge’s reception desk.

The reception is very much like a chic restaurant. They’ll check your card/access quickly, and then lead you to a table, give you a menu, and ask you to wait for a server.

The lounge is open 24 hours, so you can get your fixes any time of day or night. It’s always five o’clock somehwere, amirite?

The Space – Ahlan Lounge Review – Dubai (DXB)

a hallway at Ahlan Lounge Review - Dubai (DXB)

The lounge really revolves around food. As already noted, this is about the restaurant experience. There are plenty of spaces to move around, though, so feel free to pick your own tables, or eat and then wander until you find the perfect spot for you to discreetly pick your nose, or whatever other things you do in a lounge that require discression. There are lots of nice corners and spaces where you can get away from the crowds, such as they are.

The food

The food is a real high point here. You’ll have a full menu (photo below), and the food will definitely be up to restaurant standard, with excellent service throughout. Feel free to mix and match dishes–there’s no limits on what you can order, or how. You’re in charge.

a meal at the ahlan lounge dubai
drinks menu at the ahlan lounge.
A blurry, but just about readable menu.

The drinks

where to sit at the bar.
Bar seating area

The drink menu is, arguably, a weak point, in the sense that it isn’t all free. There’s an extensive menu of options for those who have entered on priority pass, but for the really premium stuff, you’ll have to pay a little extra. If you’ve come in on another card or through you’re airline, you may have more access.

The long drink menu is given below.

The bar in the dubai airport ahlan lounge
The bar is chic, and the staff are friendly .
fancy beers in the lounge.
If only all of these beers were free of charge…
the lounge's drink menu in dubai.
The drink menu for card access users.

The internet

The internet is excellent. No complaints.

The restrooms

There are normal old restrooms inside the main lounge. Then, if you want to shower, you will be taken through a long labrynth of tunnels and hallways to the adjacent hotel by a staff members. They will check you into the hotel’s shower service, and you’ll have access to a small but well appointed space to clean up and change.

Also noteworthy is that the shower area also has a gym, which you can access for $15–not to bad at all! The gym can actually be accessed whether or not you have gone into the lounge – just ask at the hotel.

Small but well-appointed showers in the louge.

Final Thoughts

This is a fantastic space and well worth your time. The meals are excellent, the space is peaceful and welcoming, and there are showers to keep you clean before you head out to your final destination. This makes the Ahlan Lounge one of the best we’ve reviewed yet – not quite up there with Tokyo or Quito, but good nonetheless.

hallway in the airport lounge
A spacious hallway in the lounge.

Final Grades

Total Score20/30

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