Airport Lounge Review - St. Vincent (SVD) bar

Alright, we’ll be upfront right here from the start: there’s not actually a proper lounge at Argyle International Aiport in St Vincent.* But that doesn’t mean you can’t do some lounging, right? So, we’re going to let you in on a little secret that just might compell you to get to the airport a little earlier than normal. This may be slight cheating, we still hope you’ll enjoy our Airport Lounge Review – St. Vincent (SVD).

The thing is, once you’ve checked in for your flight, you’re free to go right back outside. If you take a stroll over to to the Arrivals area, you’ll find a gorgeous circular bar set up slinging everything from Rum Punch to Hairoun beer. There’s good music, a chill bartender, and absolutely no one and nothing to bother you. Pus, you know the drinks are cheaper here than what you’ll get in the stuff departures area upstairs. Its not as nice as some of the other Caribbean lounges, but you don’t need any special access to get in, either.

Naturally, you’ll need to head back up eventually, but don’t worry – customs and immigration are quick, so why not have one last drink outside. Don’t forget to tip your bartender!

*There is a VIP lounge, but it seems you actually need to be affiliated with the government or be a real VIP to get in. The little rectangle of plastic you got from your credit card issuer doesn’t impress the lounge dragons of St. V. You should probably be as important as the men commemorated outside the VIP lounge: