For all the thrill of a lounge visit, the eager traveler is often left disappointed – if you play your cards right, though, you can avoid this sad fate in Lisbon Airport’s terminal 2, which features two Priority Pass Lounges. The first is the very mediocre Blue Lounge, but the second, oh my, is one of the finest non-airline lounges in Europe. Welcome to the ANA Lounge! (no relation to Japan’s flagship carrier.)

The Facts

The lounge is located upstairs after you’ve passed through security and duty free. It features a vast sitting area and large windows overlooking the tarmac, a decent selection of snacks, alcohols, coffees, newspapers, approximately six couch/beds, and showers (shower supplies extra.)

The Positives

The Experience

The lounge is huge. There are plenty of spaces to sit, and plenty of space to walk. You won’t feel like you’re running into someone at every minute or fighting for a seat. Compared with the throng downstairs, it’s truly paradise. In fact, you won’t even bump into anyone at the food stations either, since there are no less than THREE areas to get your snack on spaced throughout the area. The space is also quiet and relaxing, with various corners offering different lighting profiles. The large windows are also relaxing..

The Internet

We didn’t test the speed here officially, but had no trouble updating our Instagram, so you can expect a decent connection.

The rest area

There are about 6 little alcoves where you can park yourself for a nap. These were not in heavy use when we visited, and you’ll likely be able to find one when you need it. This area is nicer than what you might find in a flagship lounge.

The Negatives

Food and drink

The food and drink options here are just fine, and they’ll get the job done. There is no hot food, but the sandwiches are decent. The alcohol selection is small but acceptable. Soft drinks and various waters are also easily accessible. Again, there are fully three different stations in various corners of the lounge, which means that you’re not bumping into people constantly just to get yourself a little sandwich.


Its actually great that a European lounge inside the Schengen area of the airport has showers at all. We are putting this in the negatives category since there is a charge for a towel and shampoo of about 15 euro, which is a little pricey. If you have your own towel, though, you can use the shower gratis. Or you can you a shirt and safe that money for something a little more special.

Final Grades

Connectivity: 3/5
Workability: 4/5
Relaxation: 4/5
Catering: 3/5
Alcohol: 3/5
Ambiance: 3/5

Overall Rating: 20/30

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