Entrance to the IASS Executive Lounge – Tokyo (NRT)

Well, Toto, we are not in Singapore anymore. For all that Tokyo is a leading global city and host of the 2020 Olympics, it is not a city that excels when it comes to lounges. If you’re planning to use a card or cash to access the lounges at Narita, particularly in terminal 2 (T2), we’ve got some sad news for you: the option are. not. great. The IASS “Executive” Lounge is far and away the best lounge available though most lounge programs – and that’s not saying much. It might still be worth a visit, but please, don’t get your expectations up. This is NOT a lounge you’ll want to go out of your way to visit. If you’re killing a lot of time, or if you just need a place to check your emails after you arrive at Narita, maybe. But that’s about it. For what its worth, here’s our IASS Executive Lounge Review – Tokyo (NRT).

Our Trip – IASS Executive Lounge Review – Tokyo (NRT)

We had a blurry-eyed layover in Tokyo at five in the morning from Manila, but that didn’t stop us from scoping out the lounges for our dear readers. We didn’t stick around, though – we had to get to Chicago to write this up for you.

The Facts – IASS Executive Lounge Review – Tokyo (NRT)

First things first: THE LOUNGE IS LANDSIDE. That means that you will need to access it BEFORE going through security or immigration. Alternatively, it means you can use it as an arrivals lounge.

It also means that if you have an international connection in terminal two, you’d need to immigrate just to access the lounge – and its not worth that, trust us. Yes, this lounge is technically available to anyone, even those in transit, but you’ll have to exit the sterile area and enter the country to get there.

To get to the lounge from the check in counters, take the escalator up to the third floor and head to your left. You’ll see it near the end of the shopping area on your left.

They accept a ton of different cards, far more than we can list, though Priority Pass and Dragon Pass and LoungeKey are among them. You could also pay cash but…why?

The Space – IASS Executive Lounge Review – Tokyo (NRT)

seats at IASS Executive Lounge - Tokyo (NRT)
Kinda prison-y.

This is a weird, weird, lounge. Somehow I felt like I was in an upscale fast food restaurant. The details and decor was not inviting. It didn’t call for you to stay. Endless seats lined the walls, some with tables, but none of them were very inviting. There is a bank for beverages that has something like five different machines and a jar of snacks. And that’s it. That’s the whole lounge.

seats at IASS Executive Lounge - Tokyo (NRT)
Some seating that reminds me of high school.

The food – IASS Executive Lounge Review – Tokyo (NRT)

snacks at the IASS Executive Lounge - Tokyo (NRT)
This is all the snacks you’ll get.

There is a jar of dry snacks. You may have as many snacks as your carb macros will allow.

The drinks

The mighty drink dispensers at the IASS Lounge

Well, this is the sweet spot. First off, you’re allowed ONE alcoholic beverage: a high ball, an Asahi, or a whiskey with water.

Beyond that, you can get drunk on coffee, soft drinks, and juice.

The internet

The internet unsurprisingly fast here: we clocked it at 44 mbps. Whatever you need to get done will get done.

The restrooms

There are none. Go outside.

Copies of the NYT was a pleasant surprise

Final Thoughts

This is a pretty sad lounge. It might have its purposes, but this is not us living our best lives.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 2/5
Total Score10/30