Concordia lounges are strung out across western Indonesia, and we certainly have no complaints about that. Each of their lounges gives you a feeling of true luxury (though the lounge in Yogyakarta may be king of them all). Yes, you may be flying Lion Air, but for as long as you are in the lounge you will feel like a true business traveler in the golden age of travel. This is absolutely true of Bali – the lounge staffed by kind employees, the food is delicious, and the decor is varied in tasteful. There is no better place than the Condordia Lounge in Bali to nurse a hangover and enjoy a few more minutes of Bali life. And of course, our review will have you up to speed before you arrive.

Updated March 2022: After two years of abnormal operations, the lounge is now back to providing buffet services. The back part of the lounge is still blocked off, but the offerings are essentially back to normal.

The Facts – Concordia Lounge – Bali (DPS) Review

The Concordia lounge is located deep in the domestic terminal (the lounge is only accessible for passengers on domestic flights.) To get there, you’ll need to trek your way through the terminal to gate two, where you’ll find the lounge nestled in a back corner. You can access the lounge using your Priority Pass card, or any number of other cards. The lounge features a number of sitting rooms, ample food and drinks (no alcohol!) as well as some surprises like a massage room, a fussball table, and for the observent, a prayer room.

Lounge entrance
Entrance to the Concordia Lounge in Bali

Our Trip

We were flying from Bali to Biak, with a routing through Timika and Jayapura. The trip was overnight meaning the lounge was a really great place to rest up before setting off.

The Positives – Concordia Lounge – Bali Review

Seating areas are varied and ample

The Space

The lounge has so much to offer, but what it is most rich in is space. The rooms are vast – hell, even the ceiling is several stories high. Unless the lounge gets very crowded, you won’t feel your wings being clipped in here – there’s a little corner for everyone. There’s also a range of seating options, so you will be comfortable no matter what weird cushion preferences you may have.

The food

Granted, the food was not exactly warm when we visited, but by then it was 11:55pm and there was only one more flight out from the airport remaining that night – the flight to Timika. So, they get a pass for this (and maybe points for eagerly heating up my plate of selections in the microwave.)

Very good food on offer at the Concordia Lounge in Bali

But even at this late hour, the food choices were excellent. Nearly all were Indonesia, which is obviously what you want. There are two food bars – a main one to the side of the general seating area that has a range of hot foods. This is complimented in the next room by a round table that holds another set of excellent snacks, such as the baked yams – something more lounges should really consider including in their offerings.

Concordia Lounge Yams
Can I just take the whole basket?

The art

This is truly a very tasteful lounge. Its decorations and overall ambiance are neither bland and generic, but nor are they garish or hard on the eye.

The facilities for children and childlike adults

Real attention was given to the needs of children, and people who like to play games. The fussball table and the roped off sections for children was a nice touch that surely makes families and fussball players and arcade gamsters comfortable alike.

Kids games adults can enjoy too!

The Negatives – Concordia Lounge – Bali (DPS) Review

The drinks

The drink selection was alright, but nothing to put it above other lounges in Indonesia. Juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea, but that’s about it. No alcohol. Then again, I did have the helpfully labeled “traditional drink.”I did not taste the “traditional drink” so I cannot speak to either its flavor, or to its level of traditionality. I assume, though, it tastes very traditional.

Drink options at Concordia Lounge in Bali
The drink options are fairly limited.

Not enough yams or yucca

I can’t stress this enough: there really were only three stations offering roots of various types, and though each was prepared in an entirely different ways and were all delicious, I just struggle to fully endorse a lounge with so few roots on offer.

Yams at the Concordia Lounge in Bali
Exceptionally tasty yucca.


There are none, and that’s very unfortunate.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 0/5
Total Score20/30

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  1. I tried the one in the international terminal. The food was really bad! Over cooked veggies and meat.

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