Entrance to the Concordia Lounge Makassar
Front desk

Indonesia knows how to do lounges. The standard is almost always high, and the they are fairly ubiquitous (some, like Halim, are a letdown, while others, like Yogyakarta, are a revelation.) The situation in the Makassar airport is no different: despite being a little-known and little-visited city for people outside of Indonesia, this bustling, major city has a gleaming modern airport with two lounges that can be accessed by anyone with the cards of the cash to get in. Here at Loungesharks, we’ll be reviewing both of these lounges (the others it the T/G). If you’re headed to the Concordia, you’ll be blessed with showers and ample space. This makes it our preferred lounge i the airport. Here is our Concordia Lounge Review – Makassar (UPG).

The Facts – Concordia Lounge Review – Makassar (UPG)

Concordia Lounge entrance
Entryway to the lounge

The lounge is very easy to access. Once you’re inside the terminal head down the left wing of the terminal until you reach the far end. You’ll find a well-marked entrance on the left. The lounge takes a plethora of cards, including both Priority Pass and Dragonpass. Check-in is swift, and you’ll be given wifi passwords on arrival.

The Positives- Concordia Lounge Review – Makassar (UPG)

The food

Food at the Concordia Lounge Makassar
Plenty of ways to sate your appetite, but few ways to slake your thirst.

The food here is excellent and available in great quantities. Rather than heading to a restaurant in the terminal, you can easily come here and fill up on a number of hot entrees, fresh fruit and crunchy snacks. Its about par for lounges in Indonesia, and not quite as spectacular as other Concordia lounges like the one in Bali, but it more than gets the job done.

The Space

Seating area at the Concordia Lounge Makassar
Seating is amble in the Concordia lounge, Makassar

The really wonderful thing about this lounge is that it has tons of sitting space, and people can really spread out and not be all up on each other’s jocks. As you can see, the lounge is anything but empty, but there is still plenty of space to sit and to roam.

More seating areas in the Condordia lounge
More seating areas in the Condcoria lounge

The showers!

Showers are a key amenity, especially in a place like Makassar, which will have you drenched in sweat if you spend anytime outside at all. This is a great opportunity to get cleaned up before you head out for your next destination (which, we hope, will also have a shower, since you can never have enough airport baths, amirite?)

Restroom in the Makassar Concordia lounge
The lounge features several spacious private restrooms with showers

The Negatives- Concordia Lounge Review – Makassar (UPG)

The drinks

Lounge space
Additional seating in the Concordia lounge

You may have water, soda and coffee. You will not be having alcohol. Sorry.

Massage room at the Concordia Lounge Makassar
There is a paid massage space at the Concordia Lounge in Makassar

Not a negative, but just a final note that the lounge does have a reflexology room and a prayer room.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 0/5
Total Score18/30