The Saphire Bluesky lounge for international departures in Jakarta’s Terminal three is a tight fit. The lounge is small, but the amenities are large. There are no showers. You can have one (1) beer for free, BUT there is no limit on the amount of custom made indomie noodles you can ask the chef to make you, which makes this one of the best lounges evar?
Rather than rate every inch of this, lounge, we are going to offer you a photo essay that sums up the entire experience. The takeaway should be that if you’re in terminal three and have a priority pass or other lounge access cards, this lounge is for you. And this Saphire BlueSky Lounge Review – Jakarta T3 (CGK) is for you too. Enjoy! If you are travelling in T2, try our review of the other Saphire lounge.

In Pictures: Saphire BlueSky Lounge Review

at Saphire BlueSky Lounge Review - Jakarta T3 (CGK)
The entry way and tight seating
beer rules at Saphire BlueSky Lounge Review - Jakarta T3 (CGK)
The barrista-cum-bartender.
seems stingy


The food.
The desserts

Okay, but honestly, it was the noodle station, cooking up the freshest possible indo-mie that really pushed this lounge into the next star category.

noodle station at Saphire BlueSky Lounge Review - Jakarta T3 (CGK)
The noodle station!
you probably wont use this, unless you need to print something?
Bomb Rattatouille

Final Thoughts

This is a pretty unique lounge. They could expand the alcohol offerings, the space is a little tight, and there is no shower, but this is pretty nice despite those shortcomings. I would definitely recommend a visit for your one free beer and unlimited fried noodles!

Final Grades

Alcohol: 1/5
Total Score14/30

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