Listen, reader. We know you’ve been around the block. There’s not a chance in hell that the Makassar airport is the first time you’re visiting a lounge in Indonesia. And so we don’t need to tell you that even in domestic terminals, the standards are impossibly high.

What we do need to tell you, though, is that this one isn’t quite up to that standard. In any other country, this would be a lounge of some merit. There’s great food, decent seating, fine internet, and its well-appointed. But this is Indo. We want more. And in this case, we really want more, becuase there’s another lounge on the other side of the terminal that gives this one a run for its money. Between us, if you’re going to pick one, pick the Concordia. It’s got more space, its god showers. But if you’re really just after food, this might actually be the better option. For a small lounge, the food is excellent. Wherever you end up, enjoy! And thanks for reading out T/G Lounge Review – Makassar (UPG).

Space at T/G Lounge Makassar

Our Trip – T/G Lounge Review – Makassar (UPG)

This was a wild one. We dropped into Makassar literally just to eat the food. From Ambon we spent 6 wild hours eating our way through the city before connecting into Jakarta and thence to Singapore.

The Facts – T/G Lounge Review – Makassar (UPG)

Entrance T/G Lounge Makassar

Access is easy if you have Priority Pass: scan your card and that’s it. Its at the far end of the terminal, on the righthand side, by gate 6.

The Space

space at T/G Lounge Makassar

We thought the lounge was a little crowded and the space a little cramped, though very well designed. The crowd is really the only reason we are advocating the Concordia – well, that and the showers.

The food – T/G Lounge Review – Makassar (UPG)

Food at T/G Lounge Makassar
Traditional food at T/G Lounge Makassar

The drinks

No alcohol. The usual stuff, otherwise.

The internet

Alright. Nothing special, but not terrible.

The restrooms

There is a small restroom in the lounge, but it’s not much. There are no showers.

Final Thoughts

This is the second best Priority Pass lounge in Makassar’s domestic terminal. I’d really only come here to shake things up and perhaps get some food. As we know from other cities, Concordia lounges are king.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 0/5
Total Score13/30

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