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The Miracle Lounge of Bangkok. You, seeker of the truth, have come to this page to ask the very question we long pondered ourselves. To wit: Is the Miracle Lounge of Siam verily a miracle among lounges, an immaculate conception in the world of aviation luxury? We will give you an answer that contains no riddles: No, no it is not. But is it an unlikely upstart redefining what it means to travel in our modern age? Still no. Despite its divine appelation, it is in fact a basic Asian airport lounge. But that doesn’t mean its not great to have. This lounge is more than sufficient for your domestic Thai travel needs and if you’re used to European domestic lounges, it will surely hit the spot. It won’t have you praising God, but it will give you a good meal and send you on your way. Want to know more? Our Miracle Lounge Review-Bangkok (BKK) reveals all.

Our Trip – Miracle Lounge Review-Bangkok (BKK)

map of thailand

Sometimes the Sharks need a break, and when they do, they like to head to the islands. In this case, we headed to recently re-opened Thailand for some R&R and a short jaunt from Bangkok to Phuket which is one of the first islands to truly truly open to tourists in this, the age of post-covid pandemic Enlightenmen. Of course, relaxation begins in the airport itself, so we dropped by this lounge to whet our palate.

The Facts – Miracle Lounge Review-Bangkok (BKK)

Portal to the Miracle Lounge

Bangkok’s Suarnabhumi Airport has an embarassingly massive number of lounges spread out across its many terminals. Miracle Lounge is the only one located in terminal D domestic departures. It is airside, so you’ll need to go through security first. You can enter using your Priority Pass or simply by paying cash. The current price is 500 THB (US$15, EUR 13) for two hours. In our estimation, the cash price is worth it. You may well spend that much on food in the airport to begin with. Why not spend it in style, nay, in a land of miracles.

The Space – Miracle Lounge Review-Bangkok (BKK)

There’s not much that miraculous about the seating in the lounge. There are various types of seating based on your preferred lounge activity, but there’s a general sense of being a bit cramped in. If its not crowded, though, you should have no trouble finding your own little corner to snuggle into. Over all, its not a bad way to spend an hour in the airport.

There are lounge chairs for lounging
And food tables for fooding

There is some bar-style seating for those who prefer a higher perch.

Barstool seating for the tall and/or lonely

The food – Miracle Lounge Review-Bangkok (BKK)

The lounge offers a basic set of meals, but we were impressed by the tastiness and the portion sizes. Bonus points for the nice plates and baskets, too.

We enjoyed the Chicken very much

The ample food options are spread out across a long bar, including many hot items and self-serve dishes.

The heavenly comestibles are ample, but surprisingly lacking in unleavened wafers

The drinks

Well, then, maybe this is a miracle. For the small price of $15, you get access to an open bar filled with a range of drinks. Definitely, they do have all the coffee, tea, juice, water, you could drink. But there’s also more than enough hard stuff to transport yourself to a higher plane, and even to make cocktails while you’re at it. We’re very impressed, very pleased, and very tipsy.

The alcohol offerings at the lounge are good but, alas, they do not transubstantiate.

The internet

Decent as you’d expect. It gets the job done.

Final Thoughts

This is a very solid addition to the domestic Thai travel scene. The Miracle Lounge doesn’t offer what it’s name promises, and perhaps that’s for the best: Who wantsto board flight with the Son of God implanted in their blessed womb? Still, its a super relaxing place to eat some food, have a drink, and plan the next steps of your Asian vacation. Enjoy your trip to Phuket, Manila, or Singapore, perhaps.

Final Grades – Miracle Lounge Review-Bangkok (BKK)

Alcohol: 3/5
Total Score18/30

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