entrance, T.E.I. Lounge Review - Tokyo (NRT)
Entrance to the T.E.I. Lounge

This has to be one of the saddest lounges that we have ever reviewed here at Lounge Sharks. We’ve been to quite a few lounges, but a lounge as sad as this we have never seen. Okay, yes, there was that one in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea that was comically bad. This lounge is better than that, but not actually by that much. The T.E.I. Lounge in Terminal 2 (T2) of Tokyo’s Narita Airport is so unremarkable, in fact, that we are going to spend much time on it in this review. Instead, we suggest that you take your business to the ever-so-slightly better IASS Lounge down the hall. But if you’d rather, not, this T.E.I. Lounge Review – Tokyo (NRT) is for you.

Drinks, papers and seating at T.E.I. Lounge  - Tokyo (NRT)
The seating area, with the beverage options in the background.

Here are the facts: the lounge is landside. Hit it up before you go through security. Its located on the third floor, on the right-hand side, just after the Starbucks. You can get in with a plethora of cards, including Priority Pass and most other major lounge cards.

And in exchange, here’s what you’ll get: coke. That’s right. The lounge has no refreshments except for a soda machine. No alcohol. No snacks. Just a few sodas in a soda fountain. There is also a coffee machine.

Seating at the T.E.I. Lounge  - Tokyo (NRT)
Extensive seating at the T.E.I. Lounge.

I’d say hey, there’s wifi, but since the airport already has free wifi, that’s not much of a benefit either. There are seats, though. And you can sit in them. They’re reasonably comfortable. And you’ll have the whole room to yourself, because no one is really dying to come here. SO, if you’re just arriving at Narita and need to pound out a few quick emails, you could theoretically visit this lounge. And enjoy a coffee. And that’s it. Thanks for visiting our T.E.I. Lounge Review – Tokyo (NRT).