China: one of the wealthiest nations on earth. Beijing: it’s grand and historic capital. BGS Premier Lounge: probably not where the Emperor or the Chairman would spend their time. The lounge is an okay place to spend a little time (we’ve seen worse), but it’s not going to knock your socks off. There are no showers, the booze is limited, and its not even sealed off from the noise of the terminal (quiet down, plebians!!) That said, it’s still worth a visit you have access. That’s why we’ve decided to write, just for you, this BGS Premier Lounge Reivew – Beijing (PEK).

Seating at BGS Premier Lounge
The seating area.

Our Trip – BGS Premier Lounge Reivew – Beijing (PEK)

For this trip, we bounced around, stopping for a few days at a number of cities: Cebu to Hong Kong to Taipei. From there we needed to get to Houston, and the best prices (and the only guaranteed upgrade) was from Beijing, so we bounced up there grab our American flight home. This required a terminal change in Beijing, which is never fun but, it let us review this lounge, so no complaints there!

Our route to Beijing. From here, we flew to Dallas and then Houston-Hobby.

The Facts – BGS Premier Lounge Reivew – Beijing (PEK)

Entrance to the lounge

The lounge is located in terminal 2 after immigration and security – international only. You can access the lounge with a range of cards, including the usual Priority Pass or Dragon Pass. Some airlines also use this as their preferred lounge.

The Space – BGS Premier Lounge Reivew – Beijing (PEK)

As we said, this thing is not sealed off from above, so you’ll hear noise from the outside, though its not so bad. Honestly, its really just that the flimsy partition between you and the main terminal doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a coccoon of privilege, so that’s no good. Otherwise, the seating is fine, and the lounge seems like it doesn’t fill up much. The vast, open area is literally strewn with chairs, with very little to break up the monotony.

The clocks at BGS Premier Lounge
Kill time by looking at the many clocks.

There is, however, plenty of light coming in from the widows.

Space place at BGS Premier

The food – BGS Premier Lounge Reivew – Beijing (PEK)

The pickings aren’t slim, but they arent much better than that, either. You’ve got a range of light options, including some de rigueur dumplings (that quite hit the spot, plus some rices and some bao buns. Its enough to tide you over, but not enough to make your mouth water as you walk over from security. You’ve also to an array of noodles and other small sweets such as donuts.

So many instant noodles to choose from.
Dumplings, not bad at all.

The drinks

The bar at the BGS Premier Lounge is a spread of riches. I hope you brought your most refined palate becuase… heh, just kidding. Here are three bottles. you can have some gin, some red wine, or a cheap whiskey. Enjoy. And if you’re a beer person, too bad.

The bar

Water is actually avaiable from a large jug. We encourage you to be sustainable and use that insead of the plastic bottles.

Coffees are instant, you know.

The internet

The internet is fine, speedwise, though you’ll need your VPN to do anything, of course.

The lounge also features several Mac computers in case you needed to G̶o̶o̶g̶l̶e̶ Bing anything.

The restrooms

No showers, and no restrooms inside the lounge. You’l lhave to go outside.

Final Thoughts

This is an acceptable lounge, though its clearly not going very far out of its way to be the best thing in Beijing. Its enough for a weary traveler to charge a device, charge themselves, and maybe take a nap in a chair, but definitely not a reason to get to the airport earlier than normal .

Final Grades

Alcohol: 2/5
Total Score14/30