The Space at Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4

The special thing about Changi Airport in Singapore is that it has lounges for days. I mean, lounges for before you check in, a dozen lounges for every, single terminal, and lounges for after you go through security. And those are just the paid lounges. Despite the embarassment of lounge-y riches, though, there’s one little space in Terminal Four that stole our hearts so much that we just had to write this Blossom Lounge T4 Review – Singapore (SIN) for you. For all the information you need to make the most of your time here in the Blossom lounge, read on!

Our Trip – Blossom Lounge T4 Review – Singapore (SIN)

Our flight path from Indonesia to Bangkok

Our trip began in one of our favorite cities, Jakarta. After a quick hop up to Singapore we headed out to the city to visit some friends before returning to Changi Airport early to check out some lounges and write up some zesty review for our dedicated readers. Then it was back in the plane (business class, becuase reviewing lounges is our business) up to Bankok to attend to more business, and particularly to check out the Thai lounge scene.

The Facts – Blossom Lounge T4 Review – Singapore (SIN)

great lounge views at the Blossom Lounge T4

First of all, how do you get in? Well, for those in the know Priority Pass is the cheapest way to access the lounge for free. But if that doesn’t work, you can always use other lounge cards, or just pay cash. If you have around $50US to spare, they will let you in. The lounge is located at the furthest end of the lounge, in a little cul-de-sac with some beautiful but fake store fronting. Honestly, we would not pay fifty dollars to access this space unless we were really, really exhausted, so try and find an alternative, if you can.

The Space – Blossom Lounge T4 Review – Singapore (SIN)

Really, our favorite thing about this lounge were the lovely views over into the terminal. Changi is a surprisingly spacious, clean, and well-appointed airport, and its remarkably peaceful to just sit in your chair and watch the little people scurry about on their little business trips with their little roller boards. The lounge really isn’t that crowded, even at peak travel times, so there are plenty of seating spaces t choose from. We partiuclarly liked the area near the balcony.

Waiting place at Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4

If those views aren’t your thing, you can pick from a pretty wide range of seating. There’s a bar-style work and eat space for the single traveler.

working space at Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4
Bar-style sitting for singes.

There are also pods for working without having to look at anyone.

space at Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4

There’s actually quite a range of pods, now that I think about it.

more space at Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4

In short, there’s plenty of basic seating spaces, but with an emphasis on individuals rather than families. You’ll be able to find plenty of space, though, because the lounge doesn’t get too full and there are a ton of options.

The Food – Blossom Lounge T4 Review – Singapore (SIN)

The food is, in a word, fantastic. There’s really nothing we like more than meals that are made to order, and that happens to be something that Plaza Premium (and their affiliates, like Blossom), excel at. We particularly recommend the Laksa. Every airport lounge in singapore seems to do a laksa, but since laksa is very good, we have no objections!

Menu at Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4
The made-to-order menu at the Blossom
there are many kinds of foods Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4
The salad and cheese spread doesnt inspire to any great extent, but its always good to have.
Healthy food at Lounge
Those greens seem fresh enough

There are also a few items that you can serve yourself, though these options may seem less appealing than the made to order goodness, unless you’re short on time and need to slop food onto a plate quickly.

kind of beef
sloppy chicken
trying noodle at Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4
There we go.

The Drinks

The food in the lounge may be halal, but your beverage options don’t have to be. The lounge has a full bar ,in addition to the usual potable suspects: juice, tea, water, soda, coffee.

juices and tea at Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4

The menu for drinks is a little limited, but it could be worse. There are a few wines to choose from, plus a small-ish range of spirits. Hopefully one of these will tickle your tipple.

beer at Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4
Booze corner

The coffee machine works and does what it was meant to do.

coffee anf noodle cup
Coffee corner
Drinks at Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4
Chang for days

The Internet

So, here’s a bummer: The internet is…not impressive. We clocked similar speeds at the lounge in Malawi.

Internet speed

The Restrooms

Rest assured, tht the lounge has showers and restrooms inside. There’s no need to head out into the big, bad world to keep yourself clean. Blossom’s got you. Any lounge with a shower is enough to make us happy on any day, and it doesn’t hur that these are some of the nicest shower facilities we’ve seen anywhere.

Blossom Lounge T4  singapore
Oh, the amenity!

The hairdryer is actually worth its weight in plastic.

Blossom Lounge T4  singapore
Nice sink.

The showers are tastefully supplied with everything you could need in a very nice little bucket.

Blossom Lounge T4  singapore

The shower room is generally spacious. While we’re on it, a big shoutout to “Syukran” for helping us get these pictures, which we failed to manage ourselves. Syukran, ya!

Blossom Lounge T4  singapore
The shower room in all its glory.

Final Thoughts

This is a great little lounge. It has showers, alcohol, and made-to-order food. But what we liked best is the setting. It’s open air, but located above the terminal, so that you can feel connected and disconnected all at once. The views are nice, the space is calm, its not too crowded. That’s a winner.

View from Blossom Sats & Plaza Premium Lounge T4

Final Grades

Alcohol: 3/5
Total Score19/30