The Bluesky/saphire team has the entire Jakarta on lock, witha mafia-like control of every terminal. No matter where you go in CGK (and even in HLP), you’re going to find one of their lounges, and that includes the BlueSky Premium lounge T3 Domestic Gate 13 – Jakarta (CGK). That’s okay, though, becuase every lounge is high quality and has everything you could need. Terminal two even has two of these lounges. The present review is of the lounge near gate 13, which is the smaller and more crowded option. For those of you with more time, you may want go go down to the lounge at gate 18, which is much less crowded. For those who don’t want to bother – this review’s for you.

Our Trip – BlueSky Premium lounge T3 Domestic Gate 13 – Jakarta (CGK)

We needed an island fix, so the sharks set out to hang out with some of our underwater friends in Komodo, where there are plenty of dragons, but more importantly, lots of sharks.

The Facts – BlueSky Premium lounge T3 Domestic Gate 13 – Jakarta (CGK)

There are a bewildering number of ways into this lounge. You might get access through your airline, or you might have one of a billion Indonesian credit cards. One more simple route is to just use your Priority Pass, but barring that, you can also just pay 150,000 cash to get in and access an unlimited amount of mie goreng. The lounge itself is near gate 13, and it easily found – its a largely open space in the middle of the terminal. Doesn’t feel like an oasis of peace, sadly.

The Space

We won’t like, this lounge is packed, and definitely not the best place to hang out during a pandemic. But if this is the lounge closest to your gate, you’ll just have to roll with it. There are lots of lounge chairs tightly packed away from the food – good luck finding a seat!

The food

like most lounges in this chain, there are eggs for breakfast and noodles for lunch. You can also grab a little bit of chicken or soup from the self-serve food area as well. There’s also a wide range of kerupuk and other kinds of small crispy and fried snacks. Don’t worry – you won’t go hungry.

The drinks

As with most (all?) domestic lounges in Indonesia, there is no booze, but you do have a barrista slanging coffee and all the other usual Indonesian beverages.

The internet

Functional. We clocked it in at 1.6mb, which is more than good enough for some light videoing.

The restrooms

None. Go do your business in the terminal.

Final Thoughts

This is a packed lounge, but its still a bit of respite and free food before your flight. Make the most of it!

Final Grades

Alcohol: 0/5
Total Score12/30

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