Apart from comfortable chairs and solid WiFi, the Business Lounge Dubrovnik leaves a lot to be desired in every other metric. This is not Japan.

The Facts

The Business Lounge Dubrovnik is located on the third floor and finding it was made very easy by the clear signs and relatively empty third floor. The lounge has solid WiFi, but a very bad selection of food and drink, less-than-professional staff and no bathroom.

Internet speed

The Positives

The WiFi

The WiFi in this lounge is surprisingly fast (though nowhere close to our all-time leader, Oslo). I clocked nearly 30mbps download and (most surprisingly) close to 50mbps upload. This is without a doubt fast enough to download videos for your flight or hold a video call. You likely won’t be doing the latter though, given that the large open space leaves no good spot for a private call.

The Chairs

Ok, so maybe I’m desperate for another positive, but the chairs truly are quite comfortable.

Comfy chairs

The Negatives

If the positives were the WiFi and chairs, the negatives are everything else. The lounge feels like an afterthought, walled off from the top floor by a few panes of glass. There are a few desks with computers that wouldn’t be out of place at your local public library but seem very strange to have in a lounge.


The food and drink are along the far wall, and consist of nothing more than a few slices of cheap deli meat, cheese, croissants and some chips. The alcohol selection is similarly spartan, and a lone coffee machine rounds out the offering. The utensils are all cheap plastic, and with the zealous cleaning are good for a single meal at most. We would like to see the lounge offer reusable utensils.

Booze at the lounge

Final Grades

Alcohol: 2/5
Total Score14/30

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