The first floor of the three-floor lounge.

The unimaginatively named C Lounge in Berlin Tegel’s terminal C is a solid respite from one of Europe’s most idiosyncratic airports, and with fast (though not exclusive WiFi), decent refreshments and tons of empty space, it earns a 24 out of 30 total points.

The Facts

The balcony on the third floor.

The C Lounge is located in terminal C (surprise), just past security for gates 80+. If you have a flight in the lower numbers in terminal C, you will still be able to enter and connect to your gate behind security. The refreshments are fine (a little on the basic end for both food and drink), but there will be something for everyone. The lounge covers three floors, including an outdoor deck, which I was not about to sit at given the 90 (32) degree heat. The lounge does not have its own WiFi– it uses the airport’s network– but at 8.5 mpbs down, it was better than any we’ve reviewed in some time.

The Positives

The Space

The lounge is three floors tall, and had an entire floor of space for each patron. I was able to enjoy the second floor entirely alone, splayed over a pleather chair, for most of my 2-hour stay. There are outlets every few meters along the walls, an outdoor deck (nonsmoking) and indoor smoking room. Did I mention that it was 3 stories tall?

The Refreshments

While certainly not the best we’ve ever seen, you’ll find something fun to eat and drink. It won’t be a meal replacement (we’re talking cold cuts, slices of cake, and some cereal), but it should be enough to keep you happy for a short layover.

The Negatives

No Beer

Though there’s a selection of red, white and sparkling wine, there’s no beer. This is Germany not some namby pamby French lounge.

All seats, no butts.

No WiFi

Wait, didn’t we just praise the WiFi as being fast and reliable?

Not bad numbers. Certainly good enough for a person-to-person VoIP call.

Being a place where many may want to log into bank accounts, send sensitive emails, or AirDrop private photos, a lounge should at least cordon itself off from the riffraff in the greater airport. I would rather have speed, and take care of my security myself, but the best option would be not having to choose between the two.

For more about internet security in lounges and airports check back for a special report on how to keep your data safe and what risks you can run into.

Some refreshments.
Breakfast includes very large pickles.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 3/5
Total Score24/30

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