Uruguay is an understated country that packs an unexpected punch. And so is its little airport. There aren’t a ton of flights going in and out of Montevideo, but that’s all to your advantage. The airport is compact, efficient, and even pretty. The same is true of its little lounge – its got just about everything you can want before your flight, with basically none of the hassle. We were so impressed we decided to write up this little Aeropuertos VIP Review – Montevideo (MVD).

Our Trip – Aeropuertos VIP Lounge Review – Montevideo (MVD)

New Years Eve 2020 (or is it 2021?) saw us hustling from MVD to La Paz Bolivia to ring in the new year al estilo boliviano. It was sad to leave behind so many delicious steaks, but we really had no choice. The power of La Paz Compelled us. Sadly, there are no direct flights on a route like this, so we had to make our way via Chile.

The Facts – Aeropuertos VIP Lounge Review – Montevideo (MVD)

Entrance to the Aeropuertos VIP Lounge
Getting there

Once you’re through the very quick security and imigration check, head immediatelt to your right. You’ll find the lounge just past the duty free. Seriously, you can’t miss it.

Getting in

First things first: there’s really only one lounge in this airport, so if you’re lounge worthy, Aeropuertos VIP is where you’ll be headed. We accessed it via our status in Oneworld, but you can always use your Priority Pass or any other of a number of cards.

The Space – Aeropuertos VIP Lounge Review – Montevideo (MVD)

This is a small lounge, but it’s really got more than enough space. One of the keys to a good lounge is diversity of seating, and this one really brings its A-game. The limited area is subdivided into lots of little zones that help reduce distractions from others. There are sofas and chairs in the main area, all of which are complimented with ambient lighting.

Honestly, its more comfortable a couch than it looks. We tried them all.
There is at least a symbolic hint at privacy here.

Meanwhile, towards the back, there’s desk-type seating for more serious eating and working on a laptop. For those who want to kill a few hours here getting some work done, you’ll be pretty happy.

Seating at the Aeropuertos VIP Lounge
Prety solid range of options for those who need to do work, or write a lounge review.

For those who prefer to travel with children, there’s a pretty large, and seemingly empty children’s play area. For those that don’t have kids, you may rest peaefully in the knowledge that someone’s banshee child will be less likely to pretending to be an airplane in your workspace.

Spacious children's area at the Aeropuertos VIP Lounge

Sleeping Area

So, this is what sets a lounge apart. Even though you probably aren’t on a very long layover here, the lounge has your back anayways. For anyone who finds themselves tired (or feels they drank too much), the lounge has a special space with lay-down beds. We love it.

Beds at the Aeropuertos VIP Lounge
There are only 3 beds, so you have a 33% chance of sleeping where a Loungeshark once napped.

The food

Alright, alright, alright. So this lounge does have a downside, and it’s the food. There is a bit, but its carb heavy for one thing, and its all cold-cuts and pastries, for another. If you want warm food, we honestly suggest that you walk down to the restaurant at the far end of the terminal (less than 5 minutes away) for something nourishing and hearty. If you just need a quick snack, though, you should be fine. If you don’t want to take a walk, eat before you arrive.

some cold cuts Aeropuertos VIP Lounge Review - Montevideo (MVD)

The drinks –

the pickings at Aeropuertos VIP Lounge Review - Montevideo (MVD)

Again, a slight downside. The options are limited. There was some beer, and a few different alcohols that you pour yourself, but one of the attractions of this lounge is certainly not its alcohol selection.

more booze at Aeropuertos VIP Lounge Review - Montevideo (MVD)

For non-alcoholic options, there’s the usual. The only thing we might note here is the orange juicer.

OJ Aeropuertos VIP Lounge Review - Montevideo (MVD)

There are also wines. They are located at the front of the lounge a a faux bar. Its kind of wierd to see a wall of bottles – and then a self-serve by a bucket of ice on the counter .

The bar Aeropuertos VIP Lounge Review - Montevideo (MVD)
Bar at the Aeropuertos VIP Lounge

The internet

Functional, easy, fast. You will have no issues.

The restrooms

Functional, easy, and…as for speed, well, that’s up to your fiber intake.

Final Thoughts

This lounge doesn’t come close to giving the one in Quito a run for its money, but it’s got spunk, and we like it.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 3/5
Total Score19/30