Centurion sign outside the lounge
Centurion laughs at the plebes on their way down the socioeconomic escalator.

Our regular readers (hi mom!) will know that we largely review Priority Pass lounges here at LoungeSharks, so we were especially thrilled to flip out our American Express Business Platinum at the Centurion Lounge Charlotte Douglas recently and see how the other half of the other half live. Spoiler: They live very well.

The Facts

We have so few Centurion Lounge reviews in our network simply because there are so few of them. Currently, 16 North American lounges serve such marquee locations as Toluca, Mexico and Phoenix, AZ. However, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Charlotte or Seattle with a qualifying AmEx card, you shouldn’t miss it.

The Space

View of the buffet
Guests go for thirdsies on the fried chicken and fourthsies on the cocktails.

The Centurion Lounge Charlotte Douglas is a large space, but not as big or varied as some other top-flight lounges like the Luftansa Senator Lounge Frankfurt. It still offers plenty of room and a few decent spaces from which to get some work done. One particularly nice touch is the multiple, glass-enclosed rooms for taking calls and holding meetings.

The Food

The buffet with various hot dishes
Come get ye fuller ‘n’ a tick on a big dog.

The Centurion Lounge Charlotte Douglas does not skimp on food. The buffet included excellent southern cuisine, from grits to okra to incredible fried chicken. We found a host of creative dishes, like a rice-bun taco with Korean-inspired grits.

A plate with fried chicken, and cheese covered grits
If fried chicken and grits don’t crank your tractor, nothing does.

The Drinks

Skilled bartenders mix up a variety of complimentary cocktails from top-shelf ingredients. The bar has a list of suggested cocktails, but are happy to serve the customer’s choice. We recommend trying the menu, as these drinks are as delicious as they are strong.

We like our chicken fried, and a Korean rice bun taco on a Friday flight.

The Internet

As in many of our reviews where the drinks are strong and plentiful, we neglected to get an actual measure of the internet. I did need to take a 1-on-1 video call during my stay, however, and struggled with the sputtering connection. With the lounge packed to the rafters, we assumed this was due to high usage, but encourage our readers to leave their experiences in the comments.

A view of the lounge

Final Thoughts

Centurion Lounge Charlotte Douglas, shall I compare thee to another lounge?
Thou art better catered and get me much more sauced.
Rough landings do shake my buds a great deal
And thou hath too few and strange locations
But thy grits to our ribs doth sticketh
And thy mezcal infusions wand’rest in our dreams.
So long as whistles must be wet, and sharks shall lounge,
So long thou succors us, and we review’th thee

Final Grades

Total Scores27/30

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