Pull up to the lounge, walk in then I
Pull up to the concierge, check in then I
Pull up to the breakfast bar

Pitbull (unreleased original lyrics)

Partly thanks to the flight you took here, Miami will soon be under water, so get your Cuban sandwiches while you can. We’ll be back when this city belongs to the sharks, and until then, we’ll wait patiently at the Centurion Lounge, Miami International (MIA).

Our Trip – Centurion Lounge – Miami International (MIA)

This lounge review is a cross-over episode, as both Daniel and Rob decided to ditch the stuffy east coast and head for the warm waters and people of the Caribbean. After a layover in Miami, we made our way straight to Grenada, hired a yacht and spent a night drinking beer above the crystal waters of the Tobago Cays. Throw in a full moon party on Union Island and, oh yeah, the global pandemic that kicked off at the exact same time, and you have yourself a very memorable send-off to freedom.

Not pictured: The yacht from Grenada to St. Vincent
Nevermind, pictured it

The Facts – Centurion Lounge – Miami International (MIA)

The Centurion Lounge can be found in Concourse D near gate D12. As with any Centurion lounge, you’ll need an American Expreess Platinum or better to enter. If you don’t present your card with a haughty air and dismissive gesture, they may turn you away.

Loungers look out a window
Once you see it …

The Space – Centurion Lounge – Miami International (MIA)

The Centurion Lounge space is beautiful, and faithfully reflects the decor of the other Centurion Lounges we’ve been to in Charlotte, New York, São Paulo and Stockholm. It may be a bit unfair, but that is also a gripe I have about these lounges. Unlike the local flavor we got at some other stops on this trip, the Centurion has a safe, on-brand feeling to it that captures none of the character that makes Miami.

Expecting a credit card-brandd lounge to play it anything other than safe isn’t entirely fair. The Centurion makes up for its vaguely Scandy could-be-anywhere vibe by offering comfortable spaces, excellent areas for work and plenty of food and drink.

The Food and Drink – Centurion Lounge – Miami International (MIA)

One thing the Centurion Lounges never skimp on is food and drink. We arrived early, and were treated to pancakes, scrambled eggs, chilaquiles and an Oliver-Twisty porridge for the gruel-lovers. Far from being the afterthought it is at most lounges, breakfast here was excellent.

When the chilaquiles have gone down, and you finally tire of the porridge stink-eyeing you from the buffet, head on over to the friendly bartender for a drink or two. Yes, we know, 9am isn’t everyone’s happy hour, but there are no rules in an airport.

In the morning, cocktails are generally restricted to Bloody Maries and Mimosas, but the afternoon drink menu is certainly more ample. Unlike the creative menu we found in Charlotte, however, the drink menu here sticks to the classics, such as Mojitos and Screwdrivers.

Massages – Centurion Lounge – Miami International (MIA)

Never seen this category before? Neither have we, but the Centurion Lounge in Miami offers 30-minute massages with your entry.

A shark in a keffiya or a shark on a massage table. We’ll let you decide

Final Scores

Alcohol: 4/5
Total Score27/30