Well, this certainly is an odd one. As you will surely know, Singapore’s Changi Airport boasts (loudly) about its attached mall, known as the Jewel, with its ostentatious waterfalls and “forest walks.” Inside the Jewel you will find the Changi Lounge, which isn’t quite a gem, but isn’t too bad either. For those of you with time to kill or who want the pleasure of taking a shower in the mall, this lounge is for you. Read on for our full Changi Lounge Review – Jewel – Singapore (SIN.)

The Facts – Changi Lounge Review – Jewel – Singapore (SIN)

The lounge is located in the heart of Changi Airport’s mall, the Jewel. To access it, step one will be to get a boarding pass. If you have less than three hours until your flight, check in at your terminal and then proceed to the Jewel’s level one where you fill find the lounge clearly indicated on signage throughout the mall. If your flight is leaving in more than three hours, you may still be able to get a boarding pass by going to the Jewel’s Early Check-In desk. This is located just a few steps away from the lounge and is quick an efficient.

Boarding pass in hand, you must enter the lounge, where you will be swiped in. If you come in with a card such as Priority Pass you will be allowed a shower and one (1) beer. Crack that can open, sit back and enjoy the soft jazz being pipped in over the loudspeakers. You’ve made it.

The Positives – Changi Lounge Review – Jewel – Singapore (SIN)

The space

The whole thing really is a bit surreal, since it feels like your sitting in an overhyped mall (which you are.) But the space really is pretty comfortable for all of that. The seating is ample and well-appointed. You can sleep on couches or lounge on chairs, even take a seat at the bar to to bang out your latest Pulitzer-nominated lounge review (without any risk of your work suffering from the effects too much drink, since this is not an open bar my friend.)

The showers

Hey man, you ever taken a shower at a mall before? We hadn’t either, but that’s all changed now. But seriously, this place has showers, and you can check in early to use them before your last minute date at the Ramen place on level two.

The shower feels a bit more like it belongs in a nice hotel.
The Japanese toilet has many functions, none of which I understood.

The sheer oddity of it

Its very easy to forget you are in an airport. It gives a new meaning to getting away while getting away, and that’s a little fun just for the sheer novelty of it.

The Negatives – Changi Lounge Review – Jewel – Singapore (SIN)

The Restrooms

Here’s a major downside for you: the restrooms are outside the lounge. In the mall. Once you go, you’ll have to walk around to get back in. That’s a major mojo killer – and poor lounge design to boot.

The beverages

What’s up with this one beer thing? First of all, one small can of Tiger isn’t nearly enough to wet my whistle. And what if I want a canape or a Riesling or something? If you want Coke or juice, though, I guess this is your lucky day since that’s the only other thing that they offer. (well, coffee and tea, too.)

The internet

Wifi is open – just open your browser to connect. It might seem unfair to hold Singapore to a higher standard, but this IS Singapore and I’d like to think they could do a little better. On the first test we ran, the internet clocked in at 25 mbps. The second time it was This suggests some variability, but with decent enough speeds. And that’s perfectly fine, but we expected better. Will no one ever be faster than the Sky Lounge at Subang airport??

The food

We really expected a little bit better of the food at this lounge, especially given the high praises sung of Singapore, and of the Jewel in particular. To be fair, the food seemed like it would have been pretty tasty if it were warm. But fried chicken loses its shine once it becomes rubbery and cold, and so we were left disappointed. You might get lucky, of course, but it doesn’t seem like they do a good job of getting the food fresh.

Also, some of the items were odd – the beef with cantaloupe was particularly jarring.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 1/5
Total Score20/30

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