Weclome to the Concordia lounge in Semarang, representing north central Java. Dedicated readers of this site know that Concordia louges aren’t playing around when it comes to domestic airport luxury. They’ve never let us down before, and if your travels have you passing through Semarang, they won’t be letting you down either. The lounge is massively spacious, well appointed, and has a pretty broad menu of made-to-order meals. The staff is also very attentive, though not annoyingly so, meaning you’ll want for very little. We wrote this Concordia lounge review – Semarang (SRG) so you’ll be able to jet straight to the lounge and get down to slurpin’ on noodles and playing air hockey (yes, they have air hockey…and fußball, too.)

Our Trip – Concordia Lounge Review – Semarang (SRG)

We rang in the new year in Karimunjawa, some quaint islands just off the coast of Semarang but wickedly time-consuming to access. Once we’d had our share of snorkeling we returned to Semarang to catch a flight to back to the grind and the grime of our favorite city, Jakarta. It was a short hop, but a major delay (on Lion Air, shockingly) meant we got to enjoy this lounge more than most. We spent hours on hours researching this article, and taste-tasted basically everything on the menu. You’re very welcome.

The Facts – Concordia Lounge Review – Semarang (SRG)

As with most domestic Indonesian airport lounges, your best bet to get in may be Priority Pass, unless you have an Indonesian credit card with access. They also accept cash, and at rs 150,000, the price isn’t insurmountable. But check first if you can use a card to get in: here are some of the cards they accept at the Concordia Lounge in Semarang:

It’s worth noting that under normal circumstances, there is a direct entrance to the lounge BEFORE you enter the main check-in area. Here you can go through security check and have them get you checked in while you lounge. This facility is suspended during the covid pandemic, but if you’re reading this from the distant, virus-free future, that feature may wel lhave returned. Look for it oon your right as you enter the main terminal.

If accessing the lounge from the terminal, follow the signs to the gate area where you’ll find an exclusive elevator (!!) leading directly to the lounge.

entrance to the semarang concordia lounge
exclusive lounge escalator not for use by normal people
Entrance to the semarang concordia lounge
The Lounge entrance reminds us of our favorite Miami nightclubs

The Space – Concordia Lounge Review – Semarang (SRG)

Bar area in the semarang concordia lounge
The “bar” where you can order your coffee

You’ll be struck immediately by just how spacious this lounge is. Like, it’s really big, with plenty of spaces to choose from, though most use the same type of seating. You should take a good look around before choosing your seat to make sure that you optimize your options. There are quiet nooks and spaces to spread out everywhere in the lounge.

lounge seating
Behold the Serengetti-like vastness but without the danger of lions
this area once held buffet-style food. Now it is just empty and alone.

There are two main “rooms” connected by a wide hallway. One features all food and refreshments, while the second one just has a seating area. It is a bit quieter. This room is pictured below.

more seating at the concordia lounge in semarang
The “quieter side” of the lounge
There are many different types of seating. You may choose that which you most prefer.

Then you’ve got the private movie screening area…which seems dark and strange and we didn’t dare request access but…you could.

There’s also a reflexology room that will be open once COVID gives us a friggin break.

reflexology at the semarang concordia lounge
They have massages. In theory.

But best of all, perhaps, is the “smoking area” which is really just a big pavilion area outside. Yes, the smoke is likely to be annoying, but if it’s not crowded, this is a lovely way to get out of the AC and into the fresh air for a while before your flight. As attentive readers know, we love love love lounges with outdoor spaces.

outdoor seating area at Concordia Lounge Review - Semarang (SRG)
The outdoor seating is fantastic, though it risks being smoky.

For the devout, there’s also a sizeable and well-decorated prayer room.


And, as already mentioned, there’s also live action sports entertainment in the form of a fussball table and an air hockey table. We didnt see anyone playing these, and, while it does look fun in the right company, the air hockey table must be annoying as hell to listen to if it’s on. Still cool tho.

they have games at the concordia lounge

The food

There’s usually a buffet of options, but in the COVIDy times, for now the offerings are limited to made-too-order meals. And that doesn’t mean soomething wrapped in plastic is uncovered and served – there is a chef somewher back there making up full meals that are actually pretty solid. You’ll have a range of options, too, making this one of the more impresive lounges when it comes to food (though no one yet coomes close to the Ahlan Lounge in Dubai.) We snagged some pictures of the menu so you can prep your order beforehand.

food options Concordia Lounge Review - Semarang (SRG)
menu at the concordia lounge semarang
The lounge is a bonanza for lovers of coleslawm or, as they call it in Indonesia, salad koslo.

The drinks

As you’d expect, there is no alcohol in the domestic lounge, but you do have access to a range of typical coffees, teas, soft drinks, water, and some Indonesian-style fruit and seasoning based options.

The internet

The internet was running for us at about 10mb. In other words, not too fast, but good enough.

The restrooms

There is a shower! We didn’t get to see it because we didn’t ask for it to be unlocked, but it is there, and presumably you can use it if you need it. Otherwise, the restrooms are inside the lounge and comodious enough, if you catch my drift.

The semarang concordia lounge has showers.
showers at the semarang concordia lounge

Final Thoughts

This lounge really punches above its weight, especially for its location at a middle-tier city. We loved the hot, fresh food, and all the empty space. You will lack for nothing, and we can’t recommend it enough. Especially if you’re planning to buy a meal at the airport anyhow, you might as well pony up a little extra for the pleasures of eating Indomie in a pleather lounge chair, just like you deserve. Your Lion Air flight can wait.

private seating at the Concordia Lounge Review - Semarang (SRG)
There is also private seaing available, presumably on request, if you wanna be all up in the booth. We didn’t try, but in corona times, it might not be a bad idea.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 0/5
Total Score17/30

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