Well, this is an odd one. In April 2020, Yogyakarta’s old airport (JOG) was almost completely shut down. Terminal B continues to function with an extremely small roster of flights, mainly to Bandug and Surabaya. Despite only having some ten short-haul flights a day, the lounge in terminal B is still kicking. It’s not anything crazy amazing, but it does exist. And that means we are duty-bound to write about it for you. If you have free access, you might as well check it out. So, here goes: Loungesharks’s Concordia Lounge Review – Yogyakarta (JOG).

Note: this should not be confused with the OLD lounge in terminal A, which was the greatest thing ever, but which is now closed.

The Facts – Concordia Lounge Review – Yogyakarta (JOG)

You can access the lounge with Priority Pass, Dragon Pass, or by paying a little bit of cash.

To get there, go through security, enter the small main seating area and turn to your right. You’ll see a clearly marked lounge by the donut cart. It looks like this:

The Space – Concordia Lounge Review – Yogyakarta (JOG)

We won’t lie, the space is small. Maybe 20 seats in total, excluding the smoking area. But you won’t be here for long, and you’ll be the only guest, for sure.

The food – Concordia Lounge Review – Yogyakarta (JOG)

There was a small-ish range on offer. Due to precautions surround the virus, we were offered gried noodles and eggs. This will likely be what you get no matter when you arrive, though they might fill up those buffet trays someday. Don’t expect anything grand or over the top.

There are also cereals, and milk.

The drinks

No alcohol. Coffee is instant. They did make a nice ginger tea, though, and there was also water and perhaps some juices.

The internet

Slow-ish. Aboud 1mbps. Don’t plan to video conference.

The restrooms

None in the lounge. Must go outside.

Final Thoughts

A small space that’s not entirely comfortable, but a decent enough retreat. We wouldn’t recommend paying to use it, though, unless the waiting area is wildly packed, which it never will be.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 0/5
Total Score11/30