Welcome desk Concordia Lounge Review - Yogyakarta (YIA)

April 2020 saw the inauspicious opening of the new Yogyakarta International Airport. With almost no flights taking off during the COVID crisis, this was a soft opening of sorts. A few months later, things had picked up, and the airport now has a functioning – and honestly, fantastic – lounge for travelers to make use of before flying on to their next destination. The lounge is a part of the Concordia group, which has quite a few of the best lounges across the archipelago. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed – and with the entrance fee only $18 and unlimited food and drinks, anyone who is not on the tighest of budgets should be making their way over. Consider yourself informed: this is our Concordia Lounge Review – Yogyakarta (YIA).

Our Trip – Concordia Lounge Review – Yogyakarta (YIA)

The Loungesharks had had quite a bit of a cultural fix in Yogya and were ready to get back to diving. We planned a trip out to the Derawan Archipelago in Kalimantan/Borneo. The Concordia Lounge was our first step – and a great start to the trip.

the flightplan that lead to this Concordia Lounge Review - Yogyakarta (YIA)

The Facts – Concordia Lounge Review – Yogyakarta (YIA)

The lounge is very reasonably priced. Remarkably so, at only 130,000 rupiah ($8-9) per person. They do not yet accept Priority Pass (August 2020), but that’s likely to change moving forward. Even if you’re willing to pay the cash, its always worth asking.

The Space – Concordia Lounge Review – Yogyakarta (YIA)

spaciousness at Concordia Lounge Review - Yogyakarta (YIA)

The lounge is spacious! Really, really spacious. And for the moment, quite empty. You’ll have your choice of seating, with couches and tables arranged through various rooms, allowing you to avoid any annoying or noisy parties that may impede on your temporary nirvana.

seating at Concordia Lounge Review - Yogyakarta (YIA)

There’s also socially distanced seating and bar counters for the remote workers.

seating at Concordia Lounge Review - Yogyakarta (YIA)
dining area at Concordia Lounge Review - Yogyakarta (YIA)
Dining area.

The food – Concordia Lounge Review – Yogyakarta (YIA)

nasi and ayam atthe lounge Concordia Lounge Review - Yogyakarta (YIA)
Excellent plating.

Thankfully, one of the features of this lounge is a live kitchen offering full meals – rather than a buffet, which would be severely restricted in the new age of COVID. There were only a few meal options when we passed through, but they were prepared quickly and were tasty as well. We’re including the general menu so you can get a sense of what you want when things are kinda back to normal and the lounge is running fully again. The meals seem to be pretty on par with the kinds of chef-prepped options you get in Plaza Premium Lounges around the world.

menu at the Concordia Lounge Review - Yogyakarta (YIA)
a menu.

The drinks

No alcohol, as is typical, but there’s a range of juices, plus teas and coffees and obviously water.

The internet

Useable, though we didn’t get the chance to speed test it.

The restrooms

The restroom is located inside the lounge.

hallway area at Concordia Lounge Review - Yogyakarta (YIA)
Spacious hallways.

Final Thoughts

lounging areas Concordia Lounge Review - Yogyakarta (YIA)
lots of space and marble around the Concordia Lounge.

The lounge is a little quiet for now – except for the flight announcements, which are nothing if not loud. Food selection was a bit restricted thanks to the virus, but as things ramp back up, we can guarantee you that this lounge will not disappoint. It doesn’t have the flair of Bali’s Concordia lounge, but for sheer comfort and spaciousness, its a winner.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 0/5
Total Score16/30