Entrance to the Escape Lounge

We are excited to reveal to our readers our exclusive Escape Lounge Ontario review – but don’t you get excited unless you happen to have Amex in your wallet. The lounge is accessible as a part of the Amex Global Lounge Collection, but not Priority Pass. You can also pre-book and get in for about $70 for a two hour visit.

But now, to the details… here is our Escape Lounge Review – Ontario (ONT).

Bar area at the Escape Lounge in Ontario
The bar was well-stocked, though cocktails cost extra.

Ontario International Airport (ONT) in San Bernadino county in Southern California is so small (which makes it a breeze to get through) that it didn’t occur to me to check for airport lounges. (But, if you’ve learned anything from LoungeSharks, its that you should always check for lounges.) Lucky for me there were large banners pointing out the Escape Lounge along with access rules. Given the size of the terminal you can pretty much get to any gate within a couple of minutes. The lounge is fitted with multiple types of seating to suit your every need. Dining style for eating, couches for a more casual lounge feel and cubicle style close enough to the dining area to get work done while enjoying a drink, espresso or food. 

The lounge features a list of rotating chefs

The lounge has a rotating schedule of guest chefs who prepare what turned out to be quite the delicacies. I indulged myself with the braised short rib complimented by mashed potatoes served in a diminutive ramekin. It hit the spot. Squash ravioli and lemon chicken with capers were also on the menu.

The bar had a good selection of complimentary sparkling, white, red and rose wines and you could also order cocktails for an extra charge. The lemon pie complimented my refreshing sparkling rose (surely a sommelier-approved paring).

As for finishers, both cheesecake and cookies were also on the dessert menu. If I had more time I would have tried the specialty coffee drinks. Note to self: get here sooner to relax ahead of time than wait in hotel lobby. 

Dining options at the Escape Lounge.
The food options are well-presented and neatly maintained.
Even the deserts and beverages are tastefully presented.

Escape lounges are largely located in smaller airports and have not been discovered by the hordes of frequent fliers just yet… which means that you may have heard of it first here. Keep it a secret as long as possible shh….

Sitting area at the Escape Lounge in Ontario

I got quite a bit of work done here thanks to reliable wifi. The service here was also excellent without being pushy. This particular lounge was in Terminal 4 at the ONT airport; another is available in Terminal 2. The handy screens told me when flights were boarding and took me less than 2 mins to get across to the other side. We Lounge Sharks will definitely keep an eye out for more Escape lounges in smaller airports in the future.

Final Grades – Escape Lounge Ontario Review

Total Score22/30

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