View of the upper floor

Airport lounges are like snowflakes: each one is just a bit different, a bit special in its own little way. One of those little snowflakes is the dramatically-christened Croix du Sud Lounge in Toulouse, France (TLS). The lounge is surprisingly spacious and empty for a medium-sized airport located in the very heart of Airbus country. There are no hot showers or hot food (or cold showers or food for that matter), but you’ll find a decent selection of drinks, good internet, a handful of salty snacks and a quiet environment in which to while away your last moments in Toulouse. This is our Croix du Sud Lounge Review – Toulouse (TLS).

The Facts – Croix du Sud Lounge Review – Toulouse (TLS)

This Southern Cross, if you will, is erected in the Schengen area of the airport at gate 33 (non-Schengen travelers can still enter – just budget a few seconds for immigration when you leave.) Once you’ve entered the lounge, you have two options: upstairs, or down. The older, lower section is perfect for Gollum-types who prefer to spend their time in dark corners – the lights are low and the walls are painted an ominous orange. For those who only have a few moments to shoot out a quick email, it’s not a bad place to stay.

View of the lower floor
View from the stairs

The newer, upper level is a better haunt for those with a more positive disposition toward life. It has ample windows and also looks out over the concourse. This area is spacious, has a mix of seating, and several snack stations. It also offers two computers and a printer so you can get that Ryanair boarding pass in your hands before your next flight.

View of the upper floor

The Positives – Croix du Sud Lounge Review – Toulouse (TLS)

The Space

The Croix du Sud lounge was nearly empty when we visited in late morning, and it was truly a relaxing and comfortable space to get work done. The mix of seating options really is a joy. The airport gates can be crowded, so just being here, alone, really enhances the travel experience.

The Wifi

The internet was remarkable fast for a lounge – about as good as you can reasonably ask for. If you need to get work down or finish off some downloads before a flight, this is a good place to do it.

Internet speed 4mbps

The Beverages

The lounge offered a fairly respectable range of drinkables. Whether you’re a chocolate milk fiend or a beer fan, you’ll find something to your taste in this lounge. There is, likewise, a small set of spirits to choose from laid out on the counters by the coffee machines.

The drink fridge
Strange selection of alcohol


I’m not quite sure to put this one, but I guess its a positive: if you’re running low on condoms, toothpaste or tampons, these are on sale in the lounge restroom.

Bathroom condom machine

The Food – Croix du Sud Lounge Review – Toulouse (TLS)

Don’t come to the Croix du Sud lounge expecting to chow down and fill up before you’re flight. The only food on offer, in effect, are bags of chips and a couple pretzel-style snacks in glass jars. It’s a far cry from some of our best food experiences. Sorry.

Condiment sachets
View of the "refreshments"

That’s all the negatives we can think of for this excellent lounge – well, I guess free showers and massages would be nice too, but let’s be reasonable.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 4/5
Total Score22/30

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