seating area
The first seating area at the Luxx Lounge FRA

Frankfurters in Frankfurt? This is your chance! If you find yourself passing through Frankfurt International Airport and you’ve always wanted to eat that iconic snack in the city it was named for – good news: the LuxxLounge has got you covered. And it has plenty of other amenities to offer you if you’re travelling on the Schengen side of things. For the entire rundown on this cozy (but not lavish) read on: we’ve prepared our LuxxLounge Review – Frankfurt (FRA) just for you!

Our Trip – LuxxLounge Review – Frankfurt (FRA)

Like so many others, we were in Frankfurt, but that isn’t where we really wanted to be. Our final destination was Berlin, but with prices into TXL so high, we ended up buying one ticket into FRA and then a cheap connector on Easyjet to make it the rest of the way to to Berlin. We arrived in town via a long (but pleasant) flight from Davao in the Philippines, via Doha in Qatar. By the time we straggled into the airport after a ten and a six hour flight, we needed a shower and some R&R. Did we get it? Read on to find out!

The Facts – LuxxLounge Review – Frankfurt (FRA)

This one goes out to all the travelers trapped in FRA’s terminal one. Unfortunately, this side of the airport isn’t rich in lounges. Unless your airline makes specific arrangements for you, this is your only option if you’re flying out of T1.

The number one things to remember is that the lounge is located AIRSIDE, before security. Its on the Mezzanine level and a bit hidden. The easiest way to locate it is to follow the signs to the bridge to the Sheraton – the lounge is directly opposite.

In terms of entry, you can get in in a number of ways:

  • Pay 30 Euro cash
  • Have status or fly J on EL-AL, TAP, TunisAir, Air Malta, AlItalia, Condor
  • Use your Priority Pass
  • Use Lounge Key
  • Wink at the desk attend and while discreetly sliding 30 euros across the counter when no one is looking. Act casual.

The Space – LuxxLounge Review – Frankfurt (FRA)

seating area
The first seating area at the Luxx Lounge FRA

So, this lounge is a weird one. It is stretched out in a long line of interconnected rooms, not all of which may be open when you arrive. When we visited, we were sent to the right, into a large, empty room arrayed with comfortable enough chairs and decorated with oddities in glass cases. The feel is somewhat surreal – it feels like the combination of a for-profit lounge and a cigar lounge where men in suites make business deals. Could be worse!

hallway leading to the food at the Luxx Lounge FRA

Once you leave this room, you’ll pass by the restrooms and showers (more on that later) and enter an atrium-type area that has all of the food. Its not a big spread, and the foot options straddle two seating areas. The majority of the lounge’s guests were clustered in the second room, where the food was more easily accessible. Otherwise, the two rooms are identical.

Beyond the second room, there are two work stations. These are the only spaces that are really suited to work, but they might get a little dark and depressing after a while. For this reason, this isn’t the best lounge to put in a day of work.

The food – LuxxLounge Review – Frankfurt (FRA)

hot dogs
These are hot dogs in a jar. There are condiments to the right.

There is food, and that’s just fine. But its nothing to send you back for seconds, and its certainly not enough to really truly satisfy someone looking for a proper meal after a long flight. The food options include hot dogs, tomato soup, some greens and fresh tomatoes and such, au gratin potatoes, and then some fruit crumbles for dessert. It will get you through, but you might not feel totally satisfied by the end of it. Unless, of course, you really like hot dogs.

There are also the usual little snacks, peanuts and such. Just saying.

small snacks and meals. Soup not pictured.
The dessert options at the LuxxLounge FRA

The drinks – LuxxLounge Review – Frankfurt (FRA)

Drinks station
Drinks station at the LuxxLounge FRA

If this lounge doubles down on on the frankfurters, they also do at least gesture toward Germany’s other primary item of consumption: beer. There’s some of it in the fridge, and the selection isn’t bad.

Beers and cokes
Beers and cokes in the lounge

Beyond that you hvae a small set of liquors, and then the usual cast of characters: wine, juice, water, coffee, tea. There’s nothing here that really requires singling out

Liquors at the LuxxLounge FRA

The internet

The internet works well. The lounge has its own connection in and it’s fast.

The restrooms and showers

BIG LET DOWN!! Sadly, the lounge DOES have showers, but they are 10 euro to use. If you do need a shower, they are totally adequate, but its less fun when you have to pay for it. The price is reasonable, at least.

The restrooms themselves are located inside the lounge, and are small but functional.

The Staff

Pleasant, friendly, mostly English-speaking at the front desk, and all-around helpful. Not bad, especially for a pay-lounge!

Final Thoughts – LuxxLounge Review – Frankfurt (FRA)

Listen, if you’re going to go to the bar at the airport and buy more than a few drinks, you might as well pay thirty euro, get lounge access and drink for free. For those who have lounge access and some time to kill, this isn’t the worst place to do it. The LuxxLounge Frankfurt isn’t going to win any awards anytime soon, but its a good place to knock back a few drinks, knock out a few hours of work, and to grab a hot dog and present you’ve been to Frankfurt.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 3/5
Total Score19/30