Whether you’re on your way home from an iGaming convention, or checking out Popeye’s Village, the La Valette Club – Malta (MLA) will send you off fed, rested and boozed-up.

Our Trip – La Valette Club – Malta (MLA)

We arrived in Malta, curious about the island’s unique location, beautiful landscapes and storied history, and left with an impression of throngs of tourists, insane traffic and generic high-rises and condos.

The Facts – La Valette Club – Malta (MLA)

This lounge is a Priority Pass lounge and one of the better ones in southern Europe. You can enter with your membership card, some airline statuses or by paying 29 euros.

The Space – La Valette Club – Malta (MLA)

The La Valette is a pretty lounge, sprawling over significant floor space, with plent of comfortable couches and chairs to stretch out on. If air-conditioning isn’t your thing, or you haven’t sufficiently roasted your skin on Malta’s scorching highways, there is also a very pleasant outdoor terrace.

The lounge detritus, hallmark of a shark visit.

The lounge didn’t seem to have any dedicated areas for those of us that work while we lounge. You’ll find yourself reclining with your notebook on your lap, while everyone else goes about whatever corporate boondoggle brought them here.

Outdoor space, for those who prefer their skin sopping with sweat.

The Food and Drink – La Valette Club – Malta (MLA)

At the time we visited La Valette Club, Covid restrictions meant they were serving only pre-wrapped salads and light snacks. These snacks included sandwiches, cold cuts, salads and cheese. The food wasn’t anything extraordinary, but given that some lounges, like the Lufthansa Senator lounge in Frankfurt, were forcing you to drink bottled water outside the lounge like some kind of animal, we were thankful to have something.

Cold cuts come to daddy.

The lounge offered a silm collection of hard liquors and the usual non-alcoholic refreshments. We availed ourselves of the wine to a greater extent than we perhaps should have and left the lounge like Popeye after a can of spinach.

Final Score – La Valette Club – Malta (MLA)

Alcohol: 3/5
Total Score21/30

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