The Marhaba Lounge in Dubai’s terminal three (T3 – concourse B) isn’t a bad place to send your layover – if you have other options, though, it isn’t necessarily the best. All the essentials are there, including food, internet, drinks, and restrooms. There’s also lots of space and plenty of social distancing going on. However, in the covid-era, it all feels particularly sterile, and they could do a better job of making you feel welcome and safe at once. To learn more, read our Marhaba Lounge Review – Dubai (DXB).

Our Trip – Marhaba Lounge Review – Dubai (DXB)

We were catching a flight from Dubai to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This required a pretty long layover, but the trip was worth it!

The Facts – Marhaba Lounge Review – Dubai (DXB)

Dubai is awash in lounges, and quite a few of them take cash and Priority Pass as well. If you have the latter, that’s your best ticket in to this lounge. They are also affiliated with a number of airlines.

The lounge is located near the McDonald’s in terminal three, concourse B. There are other lounges in the other concourses, including Marhaba Lounges, but the majority are closed, and expect to be closed for a while. So, you’ll need to hike out here no matter what terminal you are flying from.

To get inside, you’ll just need to take an elevator up to the mezzanine, like so:

The Space – Marhaba Lounge Review – Dubai (DXB)

The lounge is spacious with plenty of different seating options. Some of them feel private, but none of them feel particularly luxurious: this isn’t the Quito Lounge, but it is pretty much on par with other Marhaba Lounges, like in Singapore.

main seating area at the marhaba lounge dubai

The main seating area is just after the front desk, and as you can see, it’s a bit spaced out, but not very private, particularly if crowded.

bar and food areas at Marhaba Lounge Review - Dubai (DXB)

The second major area for sitting is in the dining area. This has a great bar-style set up for working, as well as booths in the back near the children’s play area and the restrooms that is decently comfortable as well.

There are some more sleepying-style private areas hidden around back above the main terminal walkway that might also suit some readers.

sleeping area at Marhaba Lounge Review - Dubai (DXB)

The food – Marhaba Lounge Review – Dubai (DXB)

The food situation post-covid isn’t thrilling. You have to use a cellphone to read a QR code to see the menu. Once you’ve found what you want, a staff member will take your order and then bring you, with rubber gloves, a pre-packaged meal.. Below you will find an example of several of the meals.

packaged food at Marhaba Lounge Review - Dubai (DXB)

Once upon a time, this lounge had buffet-style meals. But not anymore. You’re livin in the past if you think that’s an option ever again.

The lonliest buffet.

The drinks

The drinks were not remarkable – its really just the basic range, including alcohols. However, the bar area is shut, so you’ll probably not be getting any cocktails – everything is pre-packaged around here.

The internet

The internet is fast, as you’d expect, and its more than sufficient for working.

The restrooms

The lounge has restrooms inside, as well as shower facilities, which we didn’t have the pleasure to check out. But if you’re on a longover, which most will be, this lounge should be able to get you set up with showering.

Final Thoughts

Final Grades

Alcohol: 2/5
Total Score15/30