It’s no secret: Singapore’s Changi airport drips with the trappings of richesse. There’s even a portion of the airport boastfully calls itself “The Jewel.” And the Jewel, of course, features its own Priority pass lounges, juts like the real airport terminals. There are so many lounges here, in fact, that we were entirely overwhelmed with options when we last put into port. In terminal three, one of the most respectable of the four possible choices, and the one that we chose to grace with a review, is the Marhaba Lounge. Read on for our Marhaba Lounge Review – Singapore Changi Airport (SIN).

The Facts – Marhaba Lounge Review – Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

The Marhaba Lounge is located in terminal three of Singapore’s Changi Airport. This is a fully-fledged lounge that accepts Priority Pass, Dragon Pass, and a slew of other passes and cards as well. The lounge is truly well appointed, and has everything you need to enjoy your wait at the airport. This means an excellent range of foods, alcohol beverages, plenty of power outlets, comfortable seating, and yes, the touchstone of a good lounge – a fully functionin”Replace Content Image Size”g and comfortable shower.

The Positives – Marhaba Lounge Review – Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

The shower

This is a real shower, with real, hot water. There aren’t many showers, but none were in use when we came through. To get access, check with the front desk. They will provided you with a plastic-wrapped set of towels and other shower accouterments. One major plus is that, unlike some showers even in the “bigger” lounges, this one includes a toilet and a sink, so you can do all your business in one smooth go.

The space

The space is large and it shouldn’t be much trouble to find a quiet corner to do your thing. The lounge is a large rectangle, with a lot more length that breadth, though, so things can get knotted up in the center where the food and drinks are located. Still, its a quiet, comfortable space with a number of different seating arrangements, each suited to different tasks – lounging, eating, and working.

The Food

There is a range of hot and cold foods on offer, enough to satisfy a fairly picky (I mean, discerning) clientele. The food is also fairly tasty, with both western and East Asian offerings. The layout of the lounge means that it can be a bit of a scrum to ge”Replace Content Image Size”t what you want, but you’ll get it in the end.

The Negatives – Marhaba Lounge Review – Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

The internet

Hey now, the internet wasn’t all that bad, with a down speed of 8mbps, and an upload speed of 4. But, for those of you who actually want to download things or have a video chat with a loved relative or hated employer, it’s not going to cut the hoisin sauce. It’s worth giving it a try, but don’t plan your workday around it.

The beverages

Okay, the beverage selection isn’t bad, but it sure as hell isn’t stellar either. There’s not much to write home about here – you’ve got your sodas, your carbonated waters, some juices, etc.

When it comes to alcohols, you can chose from a few kinds of beer, two wines, and a small set of hard liquors.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 3/5
Total Score18/30

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