Bar Restaurant Room.
The fake marble countertop at the Bracket Room

Bracket Room Washington-Dulles is a small airport/bar in Washington’s beloved DCA,. Why would be bother to review it, you ask? Well, because it belongs to the Priority Pass network, making it a prime place for travellers to get sloshed on mimosas at 10am. If you don’t know, now you know: Priority Pass has increasingly made deals with airport restaurants and bars to offer lounge-esque services for card members who would otherwise be stuck milling around the gate waiting to queue up behing their C-boarding sign for a Southwest flight to LUV. Some of the restaurants are worth the time, the wait, the walk. But, folks, we cannot lie and we will not lie….Bracket Room is not on that list. If you’re already at the airport, and in the right wing of the terminal, fine. If you’re jonsin’ for free booze, fine. But on its own, Bracket Room is not worth the salt on its margarita rims. For all the details, read our Bracket Room Restaurant Review – Washington-Reagan (DCA).

Our Trip – Bracket Room Restaurant Review – Washington-Reagan (DCA)

the lounge sharks fly to Savannah
Our route from Chicago to Georgia

There’s nothing like a quick weekend trip in our own back yard to keep us lounge sharks on point and in formation. For this trip, we decided to take a break from the snow and swim down to warmer waters. Specifically, the swampy, steams waters of southern Georgia. The only (affordable) way to get there, though, was via a quick stop in our nation’s capital’s finest airport, DCA, AKA, Washington-Dulles. As soon as we touched down for the layover, we rushed nearly 15 minutes to the far side of the terminal to meet with what was, ultimately, a very underwhelming priority pass “lounge.” Welcome to the {Bracket Room.}

The Facts – Bracket Room Restaurant Review – Washington-Reagan (DCA)

What the restaurant looked like from the front.
The Bracket Room wittily brackets its name

The Bracket Room is open from 10am to 6pm, and is located in DCA’s terminal B, near Gate 12, and somewhat beyond the Delta Skylounge. Note that, particularly if you’re not flying Delta, this could be a very long walk, and may not be worth it if you have limited time. If you do have time to kill and a Priority Pass, then alright, it’s worth it.

Hilariously, the restaurant bills itself as a “a full service upscale sports lounge and eaterie” that “indulges your fan appetite with an extensive menu serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Highflying prose there for a fancy hotdog stand that shares space with the terminal walkway, and doesn’t even have a proper enclosure between you and the milling masses crowding the GAs at gate 12.

Getting into the “lounge” is easy. Just grab a seat. Once you’re there, let the staff know that you’ll be using your Priority Pass card, which covers $28 of your meal, but not any part of the tip.

The Space – Bracket Room Restaurant Review – Washington-Reagan (DCA)

The restaurant looks minimalist modern.
The Bracket Room bar from another angle

The restaurant is actually quite small. It’s divided into two spaces, of which the bar is the most prominent. It features a long bar that runs alongside the concourse walkway. In front are a panel of TVs and, of course, the taps and booze. If you sit here, you’ll get comfy bar seating, but you’ll also be face-to-face with chatty staff (chatty with each other, that is, and visibly annoyed by your presence) who will be moving about, making drinks, and so on.

The second area is a smaller, semi-enclosed space that has a handful of tables. These may be better for privacy and work but also may not offer the comfort and lighting of the bar. The two areas are separated by a host podium where the staff also like to hang out.

Service is not a strong point here. Waiters have very, very little interest in attending to you. You’ll wait a long time to have someone come to you, and you’ll need to work hard to get their attention and even harder to engage them. (If you try to ask what bbq sauce goes best with onion rings, they won’t rise to the occasion). The vibe and feel of the place would be substantially improved by a little more engagement (someone give them a raise, maybe?) It’s hard to feel youre at an “upscale eaterie” when you can’t even order a PBR becuase your waiter is having an energetic conversation in the corner of the bar.

The Bracket Room’s Food

There are a lot of delicious food at Bracket Room Restaurant
chiky-chicky waffle-waffle

Alright, let’s talk about the food. Just look at that beautiful picture up there. Need way say any more?

Okay so this food is middle of the road. It’s not quite Waffle House, but its also not fine dining by any strench of any imagination. It’s not even particularly fancy in its presentation – after all, they’re serving syrup in little paper cup like the kind we used to use for ketchup for our tater tots in elementary school (good times, good times). The menu is moderately diverse, though, and not too expensive – you can get a main and an alcoholic beverage for under $30, so that’s alright. I can’t say it enough – this lounge is fine if you don’t come expecting anything much.

The Bracket House Drinks

The restaurant serves alcoholic drinks such as beer too.

Now here we go. This is where bars shine. And Bracket Room does do better here. There’s a goodly amount of beers on tap, and its not all crap either. They’ve also got plenty of bottled beer and tons of spirits. I wouldn’t say the cocktails were made with any panache or flair, but I did see alcohol enter glasses and I did see people drinking said alcohol with abandon. I think this is a fine place to drink. It’s not relaxing due to its location by the concourse, but it is boozy.

The Internet

There is none. Bring your own, or use the free DCA wifi.

The Restrooms

Public restrooms only.

Final Thoughts

Folks, Bracket Room is a fine place for a quick bite and a drink if you’re in the airport, and particularly if you’re flying from a nearby gate. If you’re off in the American or United wings of the airport, we can’t say we recommend the walk unless you’ve got a lot of time to kill or you really, really like using your Priority Pass for free stuff.

Goodbye DCA
Back in the terminal and ready to fly

Final Grades

Alcohol: 5/5
Total Score17/30

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  1. “If you’re off in the American or United wings”

    Don’t you mean American or Delta? As it’s pretty much right next to the United gates…

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