View from mezzanine at the PAGSS Lounge - Puerto Princesa.
The best views of the airport are from the lounge.

So you went to Palawan, earned yourself a suntan and a hangover, and now its time to go home – or maybe you’re headed off for round two in Boracay or Bohol. Or maybe you’re on one of the few international flight to Seoul, Taipei or Hong Kong. No matter where you might be going from Palawan, you’ll surely want to make a stop in the airport lounge. And if you want to know what to expect, we’ve got you covered with our PAGSS Lounge Review – Puerto Princesa (PPS).

Our Trip – PAGSS Lounge Review – Puerto Princesa (PPS)

We were just passing through Palawan to visit a friend living in PP. We flew into the ignominious but very convenient Clark Airport – Angeles from Doha. From there a connecting flight took us via AirAsia to Puerto Princesa. A few days later we were headed to Cebu to continue our vacation in the Visayas. On the way there, we stopped off at this quaint little lounge to take a look and make sure to write up a good review for all our fans.

The Facts – PAGSS Lounge Review – Puerto Princesa (PPS)

Entrance to the PAGSS Lounge in Puerto Princesa
Entrance to the PAGSS Lounge in Puerto Princesa

First things first: Access is easy: you can get into the lounge by using your Priority Pass and Lounge Key. You can also enter the lounge by paying a fee in cash of 500 pesos or $11. Given current exchange rates, you’ll save money by paying in pesos.

To get to the lounge, you will pass through security, and immediately turn left and head up the stairs – follow the signs for CIP Lounge. Once on the mezzanine, you’ll see the lounge on your right. You’ll be tempted by the food carts up here – and with good reason. The food inside isn’t killer, so you might be better served grabbing something from here.

The Space – PAGSS Lounge Review – Puerto Princesa (PPS)

Seating at the PAGSS Lounge
Seating is Spartan. No, office drab. No, indoor patio.

This is a very small lounge, and it will leave you underwhelmed. The lounge is basically a large square room with food and toilets at one end. There are two types of chars, neither of which is super comfortable. There is a TV with the volume on – also, all other guests will have their cell phone speakers on, so it gets a little loud, even if you’re alone. Bring headphones and don’t say we didn’t warn you. The good news is that there will be very few guests, other than yourself.

Seating at the PAGSS Lounge - Puerto Princesa.
A close up of all that seating.

The food – PAGSS Lounge Review – Puerto Princesa (PPS)

Food in the lounge at the PAGSS Lounge - Puerto Princesa.
Hot stuff…but only in temperature.

The food is there, but in name only. You aren’t going to walk away from this lounge feeling satisfied by any stretch. You’ve got some fruit, some little sandwiches, and then what are meant to be main entrees, but aren’t quite: soup, rice, and some very sad pasta (which seems to be a theme for PAGSS lounges in the Philippines.

Food at the PAGSS Lounge - Puerto Princesa.

The drinks – PAGSS Lounge Review – Puerto Princesa (PPS)

Drink selection at the PAGSS Lounge - Puerto Princesa.
Drink selection is uninspiring, unless you love sugar.

Again, very limited here. No alcohols; there is only juice, water, coke, coffee and such like. Wanna get tipsy before you get on that Air Juan flight? Go outside, this lounge has nothing for people of your ilk. There is, however, water, if you’re freaky enough to be into that .

The internet

As we’ve seen in our other PAGSS lounge experiences, the internet here is budget, cut-rate stuff. Sure, the net in Palawan is slow, we get that, but you can still do better. Speeds are good enough for email, but not for any sort of heavy-duty work. There IS a workaround, however.

The internet is slowwww

The trick here seems to be NOT using the lounge wifi. Instead, connect to the free Google internet. You’ll have to watch a brief ad, and also renew your connection every thirty minutes, but it is MUCH faster.

The restrooms

There is a single restroom inside the lounge that is for people of all genders. It is very adequate, if spartan. There are no showers. Ohhh well.

Final Thoughts – PAGSS Lounge Review – Puerto Princesa (PPS)

Better than nothing? A little something different to while away your time, but no place to linger. Get back to the beach!

Final Grades

Alcohol: 0/5
Total Score10/30