At last, Cebu’s gorgeous domestic airport has a lounge! And what a lounge it is. As frequent visitors to Mactan Island, we couldn’t be more than thrilled to offer you an exclusive Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Cebu (CEB). At the time of our visit the lounge had only been open a few days, so this is really fresh info. For those of you who have been to Plaza Premiums, you may have some sense of what to expect, but there are still surprises in store, so read on! Remember, this is only the domestic lounge Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Cebu (CEB). For the international, you’ll need to head over to our other review.

The Facts – Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Cebu (CEB)

Entrance to the Plaza Premium Lounge Cebu

There are two ways into the lounge – Card and Cash. You can use your Priority Pass and similar cards to access the lounge. If you don’t have one of those, you can reach for your wallet and lay out 1,560 pesos for a 2 hour visit. You can also just spring for a quick shower/lounge visit (max 30 minutes) for an exceptionally reasonable 500 pesos.

pricing options at the Plaza Premium Lounge Cebu

The Space – Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Cebu (CEB)

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. All kinds of seating, most of it spectacularly empty this early in the lounge’s tenure. Have a look for yourself.

The food

As with all Plaza Premiums, this one also offers food made to order. The menu is limited but the food is always fresh and hot. The chef prepared the order on demand which took about 15 minutes. A bit of a wait if you’re in a hurry, but the quality is better than what’s available in the terminal. Definitely would say worth the wait if you have the time.

There is also a little salad bar for those who want to keep it light.

Breakfast menu at the Plaza Premium Lounge Cebu. I got my eye on that Korean Special for next time.
Dining Area
Dining area at the Plaza Premium Lounge Cebu

The drinks

All the usual options are on hand. Coffee, Teas, and Sodas. I am pretty sure I spotted some local beers too. As always with these things, your luck may vary but you should be able to find what you want.

Restrooms, showers, spa

The restrooms are located inside the lounge. They are nice. There are also showers.

An ideal place to collect your thoughts before the journey.


There areWi-Fi codes at the front desk. Once connected, the Wi-Fi worked well. This was important because cellular signal on local Philippine carrier SMART was cutting in and out depending where in the lounge I stood. You will definitely want to be connected to the Wi-Fi while here so you don’t miss any important notifications.

Final Thoughts

Cebu Airport is probably the best in the Philippines, but this lounge is long overdue. The new domestic terminal at Mactan Airport at Cebu had everything…except a lounge.

Now it not only has one, but it has perhaps the best domestic lounge in the entire country. We’ve been to nearly all of them, and none can compare. The only paid lounge that might be better is the Plaza Premium over in Cebu’s international terminal.

In sum, this is a good place for you to grab some food and catch up on your reading or work while waiting for your onward flight. Not sure if 1,560 pesos ($30 USD) is worth it for a two hour stay, but I have a feeling the time limits aren’t going to be strictly enforced.

Oh, and one last thing: selamat kuya Greg for the help with this review!

Final Grades

Alcohol: 3/5
Total Score21/30