Plaza Premium Lounge at Cebu International Airport

You lucky dog, you. Not only are you flying out of the absolute best airport in all of the Philippines, but, wouldn’t you know it, you’ve just stumped on the best lounge in the entire country as well. Any maybe the best lounge in the world. (Kidding, kidding, there are other contenders for that title.) But seriously, you’re going to want to dig deep into this Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Cebu Intl (CEB) becuase this place is freaking rad. Craft beers on tap? A solid wine selection? An endless expanse to lounge? Food made to order. What upppp.

A word to the wise: this review discusses the international terminal. If you’re traveling from Cebu domestic terminal, that’s great too: we’ve got you covered.

The way to enter Plaza Premium Lounge

Our Trip – Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Cebu Intl (CEB)

There are more efficient ways from Cebu to Taipei (like, say, the direct flight, for example), but is there anything more stylish than doing it on Cathay Pacific business class? We cashed out on a little award to treat ourselves and go it the long way with lots of booze.

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Our flight plan taking us to Plaza Premium Lounge Review - Cebu International (CEB).

The Facts – Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Cebu Intl (CEB)

Entrace to Plaza Premium Lounge Cebu
Entrance to the Plaza Preimum Lounge Cebu

The lounge is easy to find, and easy to access. Once you’re in the main terminal, head to gate 20 and take the elevator down a level to your pleasure palace, following the signs to the entrance. They take a whole range of cards, including Priority Pass. You can also pay cash to get in. Normally, we aren’t down for that sort of thing, but in this case, the lounge is so phenomenally nice that the best advice we can really give you is to…

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The Space

This lounge has one thing that we love – lots of different little rooms. Getting annoyed by the guy on the phone – just go somewhere else! You’ve got plenty of places to sit and do yo thang. Everywhere you go, you’ll find chairs and tables to suit your purpose. If you need to hang out and work, you’ll have no isssues.

Dining Area with buttet at Plaza Premium Lounge Review
Ample table space – Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Cebu International (CEB)

There’s also a little enclosed play area for the kids that I am sure parents will welcome. The quality below isn’t great, but you’ll forgive us – unacompanied adults loitering outside the children’s play area is generally not a winning idea…

kids area

The food – Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Cebu International (CEB)

Second Bar at Plaza Premium Lounge Cebu
The second bar.

Food is solid, as it always is in Plaza Lounge. And here, you can even do it buffet style (a rarity among Plaza lounges, where its usually made to order.) In our gluttony, we kind of maybe sorta forgot to take pictures of the food.

Great Dining space at Plaza Premium Lounge
Plaza Premium Lounge Review – Cebu International (CEB)

The drinks

LOTS OF GOOD STUFF HERE, FOLKS. We gotta say, nothing takes our breath (or our sobriety) away like local craft beer on tap.

local craft beer

Aside from beer, We got OJ, Purple Stuff, Soda… And Sunny D!…

Just kidding. There’s no purple stuff (unless you count the wine) or sunny D, but there is a range of other nice non-alcoholic drinks, including some craft juices. There isn’t a huge range of liquors, though, so don’t plan to get a dank cocktail.

Many drinks at Plaza Premium Lounge

Drinks at Plaza Premium Lounge Cebu
The wine is kept behind hte sink.

The internet

The internet was respectable, in the window of 5mbps. Again, this is a great place to work, and even get some downloading done. Its not as fast as you’ll find elsewhere, but its not bad.

The restrooms

They were standard, though unremarkable. There are showers, of course, though we sadly didn’t have time to try them out.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely one of the top lounges we have on Lounge Sharks. The entire experience is excellent: the food good, the booze flowing, the staff as friendly as you’d expect in as wonderfully welcoming a country as the Philippines. We definitely recommend arriving to the airport a little early just so that you can head to the lounge with plenty of time to

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Final Grades

Alcohol: 4/5
Total Score22/30