Welcome to our Plaza Premium Transborder Lounge Review – Toronto (YYZ)The Plaza Premium lounges in Toronto are divided by domestic, transborder (U.S. flights only) and international (non-U.S.). There are three lounges in Terminal 1 alone and another three in Terminal 3 that can be accessed using American Express platinum. This review discussed the Transborder lounge used for flights to the US.

Our Trip – Plaza Premium Transborder Lounge Review – Toronto (YYZ)

We were traveling back to the U.S. in the Fall of 2019 after a friend’s wedding, before any COVID-19 restrictions went into effect, so we were in the transborder (U.S. flight only) lounge. While we had ample time at the airport, it didn’t take long to find the lounge.

The Facts – Plaza Premium Transborder Lounge Review – Toronto (YYZ)

You must take an escalator to go down a floor from security to reach thelounge, though the signage makes it easy to reach. The lounge was quite busy so didn’t rank highly in workability or ambience but the reception was likely controlling how many people were being let in, which given how small the space was, I appreciated. Luckily we didn’t have to wait and got in right away.
You can easily access the lounge with your Priority Pass card, or, of course, your Amex and a number of other cards.

The Space – Plaza Premium Transborder Lounge Review – Toronto (YYZ)

There were several seating areas with cubicles, sofas, cafeteria style dining hall, bar seating and smaller tables along the hallways. Each seating section was quite small, but again efficient use of space. There were a few seats in each area to choose from. We settled in close to the bar. 

The food

The buffet had limited but healthy and tasty options from a salad bar, hot entrees and dessert counter. We had our meal before coming to the lounge so light refreshments to avoid plane food for the 6 hour flight back was all we were looking for and Plaza Premium delivered exactly that.

Buffet at the Plaza Premium Transborder Lounge - Toronto (YYZ)

Desserts consisted of petit fours that you could request from behind the counter. While the presentation wasn’t as appealing to the eye, it was quite delicious. Combined with the various coffee choices including cappuccinos, I was quite satisfied. 

Dessert at the Plaza Premium Transborder Lounge - Toronto (YYZ)
Dessert time!
Dessert selection at the Plaza Premium Transborder Lounge - Toronto (YYZ)
The choice is yours!

The drinks

The drinks menu had a good combination of wine, beer and cocktails, and were fast with the service.

Food at the at the Plaza Premium Transborder Lounge - Toronto (YYZ)
Not bad for a free meal.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the lounge served its purpose and I would go again for a quick stop before a long flight or get some work done, but nothing to go early to the airport to relax beforehand. If I had to use one word to describe the lounge, I would use efficient.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 4/5
Total Score20/30