For a relatively small airport on a relatively small island, Phuket’s international airport has an astonishing range of lounges. By our count, there are a mimum of six spread across two international and one domestic terminal. This little airport packs more luxury into just its domestic terminal than some other major airports can muster at all. Among the best of the best on this paradise island is Thai Airways’ Royal Orchid Lounge. The space isn’t large, but it is comfortable and has more than sufficient food and drink options to fill you up while you wait for your flight. Keep scrolling down to get all the details in our Royal Orchid Lounge Review – Phuket (HKT). Sawatdi!

A view of the Royal Orchid Lounge in Phuket
The Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge cubible is shaped like a cube, with juts enough window tinting to let those outside know what they’re missing.

Our Trip to the Phuket Royal Orchid Lounge

A short hop over the Thai tail

The Lounge Sharks had flown down to Phuket for a few days for a little sun and excitement. With the pandemic behind us, Phuket is back to business (you can check out our visit to Bangkok’s Miracle Lounge here). Now it was time to head back up to the big city. Thankfully, the Royal Orchid Lounge in Phuket gave us one last chance to bask in island luxury before we got back into that megacity smog.

Phuket Royal Orchid Lounge Facts

Obviously, as a Thai Airways lounge, you’ll get access to this lounge if you’re flying Thai in business, or if you have status on Star Alliance. But for those who don’t, there are other ways in, including via Priority Pass, or a number of other lounge access cards. Alternatively, you can just pay cash. Entry will cost you 950 THB (just under $30 US).

The lounge is located in the domestic terminal, airside, so this is for domestic flights only. If you’re in the domestic terminal, that means youre flying to one of nine Thai cities that have a direct connection to Phuket. You’re limited to a 2.5 hour stay here, but that may not be enforced. And if it is, you can just pay or swipe to enter again.

The lounge is located by gate five.

Phuket Royal Orchid Lounge Space

As happy as we are with this lounge, we won’t deny that its a pretty small space and that if there is a crowd when you stop by, you’ll be feeling the pinch. The lounge has a few different types of seating, including cushioned chairs along the walls, a bar for eating, and armchairs for lounging. The proximity of it all to the drinks and food means that this isn’t the most comfortable space for working. Over all, for those who need to pound out a few lounge reviews emails, the bar seating is your best best. Don’t plan to work here all day though, there’s just too much movement.

Secret Zone

That said, there is a secret zone that offers a bit more privacy. The wicker chairs are not nearly as comfortable as elsewhere in the lounge, but if you’re looking for a slightly secluded corner, the little room pictured above is also a pretty good bet.

Food in the Phuket Royal Orchid Lounge

No lounge in Asia worth its salt would accept visitors without having a range of food options to treat them with. And good food can make even mediocre lounges stand out. Here you’ve got a few options which are cooked directly for you on order. Specifically three items, but that’s more than some lounges. No need to fight for a space in the buffet line. Just tell the chef what you’re looking to eat and they’ll cook it up.

A sample meal from the Phuket lounge
The meal may be served in plastic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t tasty. The plastic is likely not permanent, but instead a brilliant way to protect us all from covid. #science.

If you don’t want a hot meal or you’re in a rush, you can also grab one of the sad looking sandwiches from the fridge.

We also want to provide a little inside tip for true gourmants: The croissants are excellent, fluffy and hot. They absolutely must be combined with the ubi dip for full effect. Win!

Drinks at the Phuket Royal Orchid Lounge

Little excitement here on the drinks front. You’ve got your standard range of juices, coffees, waters, sodas, and canned beer.

The internet at the Phuket Royal Orchid Lounge

The internet is fast and easy to use. Excellent for working.

Final Thoughts

The Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge is a solid space for your short wait in Phuket’s international airport. While we wouldn’t come to the airport hours early just to experience it, its certianly worth a short walk to relax and refresh for a bit before moving on to other cities in Thailand. Thanks for checking out our Royal Orchid Lounge Review – Phuket (HKT) and have a good trip!

Leaving the Thai Royal Orchid Lounge. Time to fly!
Let’s head to the gate!

Final Grades for the Royal Orchid Lounge

Alcohol: 2/5
Total Score15/30

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