Here’s your quick and dirty low-down on Saphire Lounge T2f – Jakarta (CGK) – and yes, that’s really how they spell it. The lounge is a decent place to spend a little time, but you don’t need to show up early for it. Its main features are a wide spread of tasty food and a relatively uncrowded interior. There are no showers, and the internet is slow as molasses. But again, the food is great. It isn’t a gem, but it beats some of the other lounges in Jakarta.

Our Trip – Saphire Lounge T2f – Jakarta (CGK)

A terrible misconnect lead to a 4,000 mile detour and an unexpected stop in CGK en route to Singapore and then Davao. Took a lot of time, but that’s fine by us, since we got to bring you this lounge review as a result.

The Facts – Saphire Lounge T2f – Jakarta (CGK)

Access is easy if you have Priority Pass: scan your card and that’s it.

To get to the lounge, go through immigration and…you’re in. The lounge is literally across from the immigration booths. This lounge is only accessible if you’re flying from T2F, though.

The Space

The lounge isn’t large, but it has plenty of empty seats. It doesn’t get full. There is natural light, and you can more or less relax, as long as the sounds of the TVs doesnt bother you. All the tables are low-slung, which means its not a great place to work, either.

The food – Saphire Lounge T2f – Jakarta (CGK)

The food is actually excellent! There’s a wide range of options, almost all of them pretty tasty. You’ve got a noodle station…

A hot food station with some rice and excellent chicken…

And a dessert table that again, is surprisingly good.

The drinks

This lounge has no alcohol, or really any beverages to get excited about.

The internet

Very, very slow. Do not plan to do much here beyond checking your email, sorry.

The restrooms

Surprisingly spacious and marble-y, though there are no showers.

Final Thoughts

This lounge was nothing to get excited about, but it did have good food.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 0/5
Total Score13/30