Every terminal in Singapore’s Changi airport (SIN) has a lounge run by SATS, a Singaporean airport catering company with an utterly forgettable name. It doesn’t sound luxurious, or even apealing, at all. Well, we’re here to tell you that names aside, some of the SATS lounges are actually quite good. Luckily for you, the Premier Lounge in Changi’s terminal one may actually be the best. For all the details on the luxuries that lie in wait for you behind the veil of a boring acronym, read our SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review – Singapore (SIN) below.

enjoying space at SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review - Singapore (SIN)
The lounge ofers surprisingly ample space, a rare commodity in itself in Singapore.

Our Trip – SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review – Singapore (SIN)

On this trip we were just transiting through Singapore. We love the city-state, but there just wasn’t enough time to leave the airport. Our first flight took us from Jakarta to Singapore. The connection was a miserable redeye on Cebu Pacific to Davao in the southern Philippines.

The Facts – SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review – Singapore (SIN)

Entrace SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review - Singapore (SIN)

SATS Premier Lounge is one of the primary contract lounges in terminal one. That means that if you have the right kind of airline status, or if you’re flying business, you may have acess to the lounge. Another common route into the lounge is to use a subscription-based card such as Priority Pass or Dragon Pass. You can also pay to enter the lounge for a cost of approximately $40.

The Space – SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review – Singapore (SIN)

Aside from the food, the thing we liked best about hte lounge was the ample space. This is a busy lounge, with a lot of guests seemingly around the clock. That could be a serious strike against it, but in this case its not so terrible because the space allows for everyone to spread out fairly widely. You’ll run into people in the buffet lines, but that’s pretty much a universal lounge experience.

seating area
The lounge has plenty of space to spread out in.

For our money, the best place to plop was the cut out table area. These are clearly designed for individual travelers and clingy couples. Toss your bag down and go get some food, that’s your spot for the day. This is an excellent place to do some work, watch a movie, and kind of zone out from the mad world around you. These seats are also close to the buffet, so you don’t have to worry about leaving our objets de valeur unattended for too long.

working place at SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review - Singapore (SIN)
This was our happy place.

The Food – SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review – Singapore (SIN)

The buffet at the SATS Premier is totally accepable. We didn’t write home about it (this blog is enough) but it will fill you up. The lounge offers general western fare, like the pasta and potatoes seen below.

beef at SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review - Singapore (SIN)
The beef is bolognese. From Bologna.
Noodle and chicken are available at SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review - Singapore (SIN)
chicken-kurma pasta anyone?

Of course, a Singapore-based company in Singapore should have some Singaporean food and that’s where, predictably, the laksa comes in. We love laksa, though, so we have no complaints about this little self-serve laksa station.

snacks at SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review - Singapore (SIN)
Now you can say you’ve made laksa.

The Drinks

The drinks bar can get crowded, particularly early in the morning at the two coffee makers. You can get espresso-based drinks of your choice here. There are also teas and infused waters. In the alchol department you have basic beer and wine, with a limited selection of spirits.

coffee and beer at SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review - Singapore (SIN)
A lull in the coffee-maker rush.

The Tiger and the bottled beverages are all in the fridge. Remember, juices only for the minors!

soda drink at SATS Premier Lounge T1 Review - Singapore (SIN)
These are the lounge’s beverages.

The Internet

The internet is annoying in that you have to give your email and then click a link emailed to you to get and stay online. If you don’t click, you’re kicked after ten minutes. That’s a prety clear sign that you’re in a stingy lounge. They should fix that, it’s taking them down a notch.

The good news is that once you’re in, you’re on fire. The internet is very fast, as it is everywhere in Singapore.

the internet is fast.
This is pretty fast internet.

The Restrooms and Showers

The lounge offers showers. It takes a few minutes to motivate the staff to get a shower open for you, but they’re quite good otherwise.

Restrooms are located inside the lounge.

bathroom at the lounge

Final Thoughts

The SATS lounge in Singapore is a solid option for your moments in Changi. Of course, there are quite a few other places you could be spending your time in the airport, but all in all, this isn’t a bad choice. We like the food, the wifi, the showers, and the potential for relatively private seating.

comfortable space at the lounge

Final Grades

Alcohol: 4/5
Total Score20/30