entrance to the Sky Hub lounge - T1

Seoul, South Korea’s Incheon airport is packed to the brim with lounges, but many of them are simple, one room affairs. However, these little engines that could do their best to provide you with what they can given the space restrictions. Overcrowding is rife, but you’re likely to get a good meal, particularly in the Sky Hub lounges that appear in each terminal.

In this review, we will address the Skyhub lounge in the T1 concourse area (only for those flying from gates 100-170) in this Sky Hub Lounge Review – Seoul Incheon. You may only access this lounge if you are flying from the concourse area of terminal 1. If you are not, don’t worry – there are two other SkyHub Lounges in the main terminal that are slightly nicer. In fact, this review basically sums up all three. So, here it is: the Sky Hub Lounge Review – Seoul (ICN).

entrance to the Sky Hub lounge - T1
entrance with newspapers

Our Trip – Sky Hub Lounge Review – Seoul (ICN)

This was an epic slog – one of our longest, ever. From Arica, Chile all the way to the Philippines, with layovers in Santiago, Quito, Dallas, and Seoul. Not for the faint of heart, but certainly a delight for the avid lounge reviewer. Still, but the time we made it to Seoul, we were fried. All that, just so we could review the Sky Hub Seoul for you. Thankfully, a massive volcanic eruption stranded us in Seoul overnight, allowing ample time to taste-test everything before offering it to you.

The Facts – Sky Hub Lounge Review – Seoul (ICN)

First things first: Access is easy: you can get into the lounge by using your Priority Pass, Lounge Key or Dragon Pass. You can also enter the lounge by paying a fee in cash of about $40 dollars. But don’t – its really not worth it. Go buy yourself a nice meal and a beer. It’ll be more relaxing and run you less.

But for those who do have free access: To get to the lounge, you will need to take the train to the concourse. Once you’ve exited into the terminal take the first escalator up to the fourth floor and follow the signs to the Sky Hub lounge. You’ll be scanned in pretty quickly and released into the little box that is the lounge.

The Space – Sky Hub Lounge Review – Seoul (ICN)

packed seating

We don’t have a lot of pictures of this lounge for you, because there isn’t much to show. The lounge is on an upper floor overlooking the terminal. It is a respite from the rush in theory, but in fact the lounge seems to be packed much of the time. The lounge itself is just a small square with various types of seating – comfortable leather chairs and tables with bar seating. You’ll have to take what you can get.

The food – Sky Hub Lounge Review – Seoul (ICN)

entrance to the Sky Hub lounge - T1
a few hot food options

For a mid-range lounge, the here is decent! In fact, it may be the best option you have in terms of the card-pass lounges, if that’s how you’re planning to get in.

You have plenty of Korean options, including a bibimbap station. There is also pasta and a few meat dishes – for us it was fish cakes and pork, but your mileage may vary. The food station is small, but its enough to keep you fueled until boarding time. The food options are more amply at the main lounges in T1, but they lack the convenience of being close to your gate.

The drinks – Sky Hub Lounge Review – Seoul (ICN)

Drinks are quite limited. There’s some Kloud beer on tap, which is always nice., and a red and a white wine on offer. No hard liquor. Otherwise, you’ve got sodas, juices, and various fruit-infused waters. Nothing to write home about, though.

The internet

The lounge has wifi, but you may wish to continue to roll on the airport wifi, which is blazing. Thankfully, this is Korea, so you’ve got the hook up. We clocked the speed at 85mb, which is more than enough for whatever it is that you want to accomplish.

The restrooms

There are non in the lounge, so take a hike. But the ones outside it are just fine. When you enter the lounge, they give you a little chit to show when you return, I guess becuase of the numbers of people coming in and out.

There are no showers in the lounge per se, but the lounge does have access to the ICN free showers, which are immediately adjacent to the entrance.

Final Thoughts – Sky Hub Lounge Review – Seoul (ICN)

You’ll largely come here for the food and the beer. The lounge itself isn’t too relaxing due to the limited space and the crowds, but for a short layover, it more than gets the job done.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 2/5
Total Score18/30