Subang Airport (SZB) is located moderately closer to Kuala Lumpur than its much larger sister airport, KUL. With far fewer flights or connections, this airport is an ideal choice for quick regional hops. In addition to the short queues and almost non-existent wait time at security, a major benefit of flying from Subang is that the airport features a small but effective landside lounge, the Sky Lounge. You may not spend a lot of time here, but the lounge that vastly more comfortable than the general waiting area and you can decompress a bit before heading to your gate. For all the details on how to take advantage of this lounge, read on for our Sky Lounge – Subang Airport review!

The mezzanine entrance to the Sky Lounge

The Facts – Sky Lounge – Subang Airport Review

This small but pleasant lounge is located airside on the mezzanine. Once you’ve checked in with your airline, proceed to the information desk at the center of the departures hall and walk up the staircase just beside it. The lounge accepts Priority Pass, and a number of other cards as well.

Inside the lounge, you’ll find a moderately small space with a decent number of amenities. Oddly enough, the lounge’s theme honors sports car racing, and there are models of cars and other memorabilia located on the walls throughout the lounge. If that’s your sort of thing, you might find even enjoy it. The Sky Lounge in Subang features a few meal options, limited halal beverages and even what might be called a sleeping area.

The Positives – Sky Lounge – Subang Airport Review

The internet

We don’t usually lead in by praising the internet, but we’ve got to give credit where credit is due. The internet here is fast. Anything you need to do – have as many business meetings and romantic skype dates as you want because speed is no issue here.

The space

For such a small lounge, this one really has an air of exclusivity to it, located as it is above the fray down below (not that Sabang airport is ever really that busy.) While the seating is not optimal, there are a couple of different sections you can sit, depending on whether you’d rather eat or relax. If the lounge is full, though, it could be less than ideal.

Seating options include what appears to be a quiet area in the back with couches and no lights at all but those coming in from the main lounge area. For the weary, it is actually an inviting space to catch up on a little sleep. There are also bathrooms inside the lounge, another plus that Priority Pass lounges don’t always feature.

The Negatives – Sky Lounge – Subang Airport Review

The Food

We really had mixed feelings about the food. The single Malaysian dish, a beef rindang, was actually excellent (though fiery spicy), but the remaining choices were all western and pre-packaged. They would do in a pinch, but don’t inspire much salivation. I’d much rather go and eat a cheap meal in the main departure lounge than munch on some of these pastas and sandwiches. That said, the quiches were decent. Plus, I’ll always prefer some food to no food.

The beverages

First things first: no beer, no alcohol. Instead, the lounge offers a selection of bottled water, some sodas, some pocari-sweat type things, and orange juice. Slim pickings indeed. Any anyhow, this is a regional airport, and you didn’t arrive here three hours early. Git yourself a snack, chow down, and head to the gate!

Final Grades

Alcohol: 0/5
Total Score15/30

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