If you’re looking to run away from the insane crowds flooding PTY, the Lounge Panama stands head-to-head with its archival, the Copa Club. So go there ye hungry, sullied masses seeking food and a shower! Ye thirsty and less-besotted-than-thy-wisheth. Ye whose wild brood need to be worn out before your flight, and, of course, ye who yearn to understand why Japan and Qatar are playing in the Copa America.

Although seating was plentiful, subjects were observed elbowing for food.

The Facts

The Lounge Panama is air-side and difficult to miss as you walk down to gates 101-115 after security checkpoint. I arrived in the lounge in the morning and they were arranging a solid breakfast, with scrambled eggs and other essentials. The spaces include a TV room, a play area for tiny humans, office space and plenty of tables spread across two floors, the lower floor having a smaller coffee and snack station. Above all, though, there are showers which are oh so welcome on long overnight flights with layovers the tropics.

A lull in occupancy between breakfast and lunch.

The Positives

Food and Drink

When setting up our shot of the food, a flock of elbows did their bony best to keep us moving, so alas, we did not get any pictures. We did find the food to be worth throwing an elbow or two, and is much better than the saltines-and-gruel offered at the Copa Club. The fresh lunch buffet had warm options of rice, chicken and vegetables (that were quite good) as well as a salad bar, bread and soup. There were plenty of options for drinks, and the alcohol was standard.

The bar offered wine in a jar, which is something I have learned many times to avoid. I was destined to learn this lesson one more time, as I couldn’t stay away.

Multiple spaces for the different needs!


This lounge has all the amenities, first and foremost, the shower. Frequent readers will know that we love showers.

Two showers, which were both unused while we were at the lounge.

The Internet

While we do not have an official speed measurement, the internet was sufficient for web browsing. If you’re looking to work here, you’re more likely to be annoyed by the crowds than the speed of your connection.


The Experience

Probably due to the high traffic at PTY, the many spaces in the lounge felt crowded, especially around the food.


Are an exhibitionist’s delight– translucent glass walls in the bathroom remind us all of our animal nature. If these don’t encourage you to move things along, however, the hotter temperatures in the restrooms will.

Final Grades

Sustainability:3/5 (For single-wrapped plastic utensils and food.)
Workability:3/5 (Depends on your tolerance for noise)
Alcohol: 3/5
Total Score20/35

Overall Rating: 20/35

What did you think of this lounge? Share your experience and help others know what to expect.

Going South? Know what to expect.

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