Welcome to Union Island Airport!
The lil’ airport (built by Taiwan)

Congratulations on making it to the furthest reaches of St. Vincent. Maybe you just hit up the Tobago Cays. Or perhaps you’ve come from Grenada by boat and you’re looking to fly onward up the island chain to the capital’s main airport. In any case, if it’s time to go, Union Airport is going to be quite the delight. And the lounge is one of the best that we’ve ever experienced. We were so impressed we decided we had no choice but to write up this Union Island Airport Review – St. Vincent (UNI).

Our Trip – Union Island Airport Review – St. Vincent (UNI)

This trip was the culmination of a long-held dream to sail up the Grenadines. We started in Georgetown and made it as far as the Tobago Cays before a lack of time and some broken boats meant we had to fly right up to St. Vincent just to catch our flight. Bummer, but hey, we got to see a new airport!

flight plan from Union Island Airport Review - St. Vincent (UNI)
Our flight from Union to St. Vincent.

Procedure – Union Island Airport Review – St. Vincent (UNI)

First of all – the airport is IN town. You can walk there. About an hour or so before your flight, finish up your drinks and walk over – it’ll take about ten minutes. You’ll go inside, check in, maybe give your bags to the airline. Well, that took two minutes, becuase you’re the only ones there. The plane only seats five, after all.

Shopping area and bar at Union Island Airport
a plane at Union Island Airport Review - St. Vincent (UNI)

The Facts – Union Island Airport Review – St. Vincent (UNI)

If the staff try to insist that you need to go into the waiting area, ignore them. You actually don’t need to, at all. What you need to do is to go right back outside to the shopping area. Maybe buy a juice from auntie to share the love, and then head over to the lounge bar. It’s located at the far end of the shopping center. There’s no paying to get in. This is just a collection of plastic chairs organized around a table or two.
And, by the way, if you need a drink right after you get off of that harrowing Cesna flight, this place doubles as an arrivals lounge, too. 🙂

seating Union Island Airport Review - St. Vincent (UNI)

The drinks

Union Island Airport Review - St. Vincent (UNI) bar

Plenty of choices here, folks. Juices, liquors, beers. This is a fully stocked bar with no wait. Well, you might have to wait, if the bartender is playing dominoes. And she will be playing dominoes. If you want to have anything, you’ll need to pay cash. Good news is that these are not airport prices. Drinks cost the same as they would anywhere else on the island.


Again, the dominoes. There is no wifi, no TVs, no radio. Just the sound of laughter and dominos slamming onto the table. You probably wont get to play, but you can watch for as long as you’d like.

Union Island Airport Seating
The excellent seating at Union Island Airport


When you hear your plane landing, you can head over to security and board. If you don’t hear it, the domino players will tell you.

Final Grades

This isn’t the best airport in the Caribbean, but for comfort and ease, it’s pretty damn close. And for that, we give it one of our highest scores.

Alcohol: 5/5
Total Score21/30