Lounge entrance
Lounge entrance

What a truly glorious time to be alive. The VIP Caribe Lounge in Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ) in the glorious Dominican Republic has just renovated and is ready to recieve guests taking into account all the lateast advances in covid-prevention and guest comfort. We knew we had to check it out for you all, so you’d know just what to expect on your next visit in. Here you go, your very own VIP Caribe Lounge Review – Santo Domingo (SDQ).

The Facts – VIP Caribe Lounge Review – Santo Domingo (SDQ)

There are a few ways to get into the lounge. You may want to use your Priority Pass to access it. You can also simply pay cash, $35, to waltz on in. If you have a very long layover, that maaaaay be worth it, but it’s a stretch. However, the airport can get crowded, and this is a good way to escape the scrum.

There is apparently an agent waiting at security to walk any guest directly to the lounge, which is a little hidden. Once youre through security, walk right through the food court, and then follow the dreary and dangerous looking hallway that branches off to the right. Once you round the corner you’ll see the place.

mystery hallway

The Space – VIP Caribe Lounge Review – Santo Domingo (SDQ)

bar stools at VIP Caribe Lounge Review - Santo Domingo (SDQ)
bar stools

The lounge is pretty small, but not claustrophobic. The only weird thing is that it has a masssssssive ad hanging over the entire seating area, which is a little ominous, but I guess you sponsorships > style.

There are three main seating areas that are basically just blocked off from each other by mini-walls.

There’s also an eating area and a bar with stools for those who want to pound out reviews on their laptops. All in all, its not a bad place to do work.

The food – VIP Caribe Lounge Review – Santo Domingo (SDQ)

The protected food area at VIP Caribe Lounge Review – Santo Domingo (SDQ).

There are many carbs available, mainly in the form of little sandwiches, sometimes pasta and snacks like peanuts and olives, some snack bars, etc. Honestly, its good if youre a tiny bit peckish, but if you need a whole meal, it’s a better idea to buy something hearty and dominican outside before coming in.

assorted carbs at VIP Caribe Lounge Review - Santo Domingo (SDQ)
assorted carbs

For safety’s sake, there is a server who will bring your food to your table, prepare your coffee, etc. Like everyone in this country, he’s friendly and courteous.

The drinks – VIP Caribe Lounge Review – Santo Domingo (SDQ)

There’s a solid selection. Nothing fancy but you can get pretty sloshed if that’s how you like to spend your time at an airport.

VIP Caribe Lounge Review - Santo Domingo (SDQ) liquor cabinet
The liquor cabinet

The internet

The internet speed varied when we checked it throughout our stay. The lowest speed we clocked was 1.5mb, and the fastest was 9.3. Its good enough for videoing and all sorts of basic work.

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The restrooms

Located inside the lounge; no showers.

bathroom at VIP Caribe Lounge Review - Santo Domingo (SDQ)
She’s a beaut.

Final Thoughts

Hey, its not amazing, but what it does a good job of is hitting the basic basics. There’s comfortable and varied seating, there is some food, and plenty of booze. We probably wouldn’t spend the $35, but there’s not too much harm in doing it either. If the lounge wants to step up their game, they’re going to need to start doing things the Jamaican way.

Final Grades

Alcohol: 3/5
Total Score18/30